1. Ash

    Hey Pikachu, do you mind jumping in your poke-ball for a while?

  2. Pikachu


  3. Ash

    It's just that, well you kind of binge ate Halloween candy for the past couple weeks and gained some weight. My back can't handle it anymore.

  4. Pikachu


  5. Ash

    For the last time, I don't understand what you're saying. You repeat the same three syllables over and over, how am I supposed to know what you're talking about?!

  6. Pikachu


  7. Ash

    What did I just say! Just get in the goddamn ball or learn how to speak English. You don't see Brock carrying Onix around in his back pocket.

  8. Brock

    Hello? Who's there?

  9. Ash

    It's me Brock.

  10. Brock

    Show yourself!

  11. Ash

    I'm right in front of you.

  12. Brock

    Stop hiding!

  13. Ash


  14. Brock

    Oh Ash, sup?

  15. Ash

    Do you ever carry your Pokemon around on your shoulder?

  16. Brock

    Hell no, but have you ever wondered how a 30 foot- 500 pound Pokemon like Onix can be essentially weightless inside a three-inch ball?

  17. Ash

    Well, I never really thought about it…

  18. Brock

    Yeah, and your Squirtle has been using water gun nonstop for the past three hours. WHERE DOES ALL THE WATER COME FROM MAN!

  19. Ash

    You know, I'm pretty sure that's not physically possible. Do you know how it works Professor Oak?

  20. Prof. Oak


  21. Ash

  22. Brock

    We need to bring Prof. Oak to the old folks home. He's losing his mind.

  23. Ash

    Yeah, he keeps thinking I'm a girl.

  24. Brock

    You're not?!

  25. Ash


  26. Brock

    Oh, with all your fluffy Pokemon and perpetual pre-pubescent voice, I kind of just assumed.

  27. Ash

    Whatever… Pikachu, return!

  28. Pikachu shakes head and thunderbolts Ash.

  29. Ash

    AHH! Stupid electric mouse. I should have gotten a Tamagotchi.