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Pwn Up: Vidjagames University  


When I was in my late teens I started looking for a college to attend. At one particular college, I got to preview it overnight - which just so happened to be around when Halo 2 came out. Throughout the day we were supposed to go see what classes were like, tour the campus, and sit through seminars. Instead, I played Halo 2 in an abandoned classroom with some students and ditched the program. I ended up going to that school after all. I like to think it was Halo 2's doing.



I'm an assistant teacher (or at least I think that's a similar term for what I do) at the University of Buenos Aires, here in Argentina.

Since I have to write up the practical exams, I usually try to include some gaming references in them. For example, in this semester's exam, the test was about a company named "Abstergo", whose founder was "Augusto Desmond" and they have to choose between a system called "Renaissance" offered by a company by the name of "Ezio" and a system called "Eagle", offered by "Altair".

 Even though the references are pretty obvious, I've received no comments from the students so far. How disappointing. Students should play more videogames.



At the college I'm going to, we had a videogame themed "Welcome Week." Incoming freshman were divided into groups based off of classic videogames like Mario, Goldeneye, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, etc. and we've competed against eachother in several videogame themed events. One of the dorms was turned into a Resident Evil challenge (those guys REALLY got into their zombie characters). We played Angry Birds IRL, and a ping pong ball-based Call of Duty game (complete with campers...yay). They went so far as to turn the girls dorms into Mario-themed 'levels' like Bowser's Castle, Boo's Castle, and even Rainbow Road. I did take pictures of the stage that our AWESOME upperclassmen decorated. Check it out:

Pwn Up: Videogame University



I like to play basketball at my college gym, but often you have to wait around with the other athletes for a full game to start. Recently we had a heated debate about the Walking Dead, specifically, the fact that everyone just gave up on finding a cure besides Jenner early on. Somehow our basketball court became a nerdy intellectual salon as more guys joined in discussing the finer points of zombies and the hope for Rick and his crew. Nobody noticed that we had enough players to start.



In my senior year of college, I took "Vikings in Literature: Medieval to Modern" as my January-term course.  For our final project we had to write a paper and give a 30-min presentation on our chosen topic.  Being a huge FF fangirl, I immediately decided to do 'viking myth and legend in the Final Fantasy video game series'.  At the time, I already had Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and X under my belt, and was nearing the end of XII and had just started IX.  I definitely didn't have to finish XII and IX to have enough information to write the paper (FFVII alone has enough Poetic Edda references to fill 15 pages), but I still used the class as an excuse to 'play video games for homework.'  It was the best January ever.  And I got an A.  Wins all around.




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