1. Slippy Is An Engineering Mastermind

5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

Slippy brings tangible skills to the table - which, it should be noted, is saying a lot for a team that is otherwise anthropomorphic, patronizing sass-machines. While Falco cops his signature 'tude, Peppy is physically unable to conjure up a single conversation topic unrelated to the poor protagonist's dead father. Slippy provides health information for every boss in Starfox 64, and invented EVERY VEHICLE YOU USE IN THE GAME.


  5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

2. ...But He's Far From Just an Egghead

With his mechanical know-how, Slippy's value to the Starfox team is undeniable. So what separates him from ROB, the monotoned mechanics maid on the mothership? A heart that thirsts for murder, that's what. I don't think Slippy has any illusions of the fact that he is not an ace pilot. I like to think he was valedictorian of his frog engineering school, and maybe had aspirations of starting a small business before Andross attacked. At which point his small, amphibious heart pounded so ferociously for the cause, he decided to enlist. With the ship's maintenance position already filled by ROB, Slippy, like a less-celebrated Mulan, went from normal citizen to death crazed murder genius.



3.  Total Disregard For Hat Etiquette

5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

Slippy's ill-fitting red hat is a staple in his wardrobe that has stood the test of time. Whether complementing his 90's Gap ensemble from Starfox 64 or his Breaking Bad-style meth cook suit from Adventure and Assault, his micro cap has always rested between his Vietnam flashback eyeballs. At the end of Starfox 64, when the team returns to Corneria to be given awards for defeating Andross, Slippy strides down an aisle of well-dressed, half-animated soldier dogs without a second thought of maybe taking the hat off, because he's getting an award for saving the galaxy 'n stuff. Forget the Heisenberg bowlers - tiny red hats are the new signature of badasses everywhere.


4. Slippy's Banter

5 Reasons Why Slippy is a Badass

You can't search "Slippy Toad" online and go two pages before seeing mention of his "annoying comments". Now, though I understand some may say that Slippy's androgynous pleas for help are what make him the 'annoying little pest' he has known to be categorized as, but anyone who knows a thing or two about frogs knows what the Toadmeister is really up to. On the Frog Wikipedia page it is noted that frogs produce a wide range of vocalizations, particularly in their breeding season, and exhibit many different kinds of complex behaviours to attract mates, to fend off predators and to generally survive. So all those times Slippy was "bugging" you with "annoying" saying things like, "Fox, help me!" or "Get this guy off of me!" in a voice not dissimilar from a gender-confused Tiny Tim, he was actually simultaneously hitting on the space ladies while fending off Andross' army. You're welcome.


5.  Slippy's Sacrifice

Remember when, out of the blue, Slippy flies out and starts fighting the weird two fisted robot monster? Can you say Christ-figure?