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Yesterday I had to dress nicely for a photoshoot my school was doing to send out to various camps I will be working at this summer. As any other normal day, I carried my 3DS in my pocket unaware of it's pronounced outline in my dress pants. I just got the photos back and in every photo you can see a large rectangle on the front of my pants.-Jeffrey

My wife just gave birth to our first child. We've certainly had some nerdy moments throughout this.

  1. Our music playlist. At the facility, we were allowed to bring in our own music players with playlists to help the mothers relax and get through labor. Of the small playlist we selected, some of the tunes were mixes from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Kingdom Hearts.
  2. We had a doula, a woman that acts as an assistant during the pregnancy and birth. Towards the end of the labor, my wife does the expected "Please, make this stop" and "I can't do this anymore" and my job was to keep encouraging her. "This will be a triumph…" I said. The doula chimes in, "Yes, it will!" I say, "We're going to make a note here, this will be a huge success." Again, the doula agrees, oblivious that I was working my way through Still Alive. My wife was looking at me the whole time, going "Smartass…"
  3. Being the mother, she had priority in choosing the first name, Stephan, a tribute to her late sister, Stephanie. I got to choose the middle name. I wanted to go with Sabin, from Final Fantasy 6, but we're in Louisiana, and everybody would think we were honoring LSU's head coach Sabine. Almost went with Balthier, but I wasn't that attached to FFXII. So we welcomed Stephan Auron Hand into the world.

Around the beginning of March, I found myself bored with the lack of interesting games being released. I decided that I'd make it my goal to beat every Final Fantasy made for the traditional consoles (SNES, PS1, PS2, etc.) I was so excited about this idea that I told my friend, who is a Final Fantasy fanatic, about it. Not only did he think it was a great idea, but he also decided take on the exact same task I set for myself. He now has his own personal gaming closet in my apartment. He comes over every other day, even if I'm not home; opens the closet and starts playing away. We now spend our nights lounging in chairs and playing Final Fantasy on two screens, and in no way is that depressing.-Adam

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My fiance claims she doesn't care about video games and isn't a nerd. But she isn't quite as against games as she thinks she is: she already has made plans to have a Mario-themed wedding cake, she got irritated with me one time for accidentally saying that Ursaring was a first generation Pokemon, she owns an NES with classics like Mario, Tetris, and Duck Hunt, and says that our kids will play NES (she grew up playing NES and beat Mario multiple times as a kid). She has made plans to decorate my future office with Mario-themed wall decals, she bought me the Yoda backpack where he actually holds on like in Episode V, she is an avid Harry Potter fan, she is a beast at DDR and Guitar Hero, and she refuses to part with her collection of Pokemon cards she collected as a child.

So you tell me, is she a nerd? She denies it, but I think I know better. She will come to embrace the nerd in her someday.-Luke

A few days ago (3rd of May), a friend of mine got married. The first thing I thought about was that the wedding day will be easy to remember. That´s because on May 3rd the GameCube was released in Europe.-Andre

And this week's "THANK YOU" Award goes to…

I just graduated with an English degree last December. I'm proud of my achievement and glad I don't have to write any more papers (though I've done some 10 to 12 page papers on things like Star Wars and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood). Why am I telling you this? I figured it'd comfort you knowing one less Pwn Up reader will be submitting stories about taking tests or writing papers with the help of video games.-Corwin