Google Trends is a great tool for seeing what the world is searching Google for, where they're searching it from, and how often they're searching it. It even has a feature where you can show different searches to compare their popularity over the past decade. As an experiment, we're comparing Pokemon searches with ones more applicable to real life, and seeing who came out the winner. The results may surprise you (if you think anything is more popular than Pokemon, that is)…

Note: You can click on the graphs for links to the Google Trends source page for more information.

Pokemon vs. Actual Pets

Winner: Pokemon

Notes: "Dogs" held a narrow lead over Pokemon until June 2004. For June and July of 2004, Pokemon and Dogs were neck-and-neck. By August, Pokemon had pulled ahead.

Team Rocket vs. North Korea Rocket

Winner: Team Rocket

Notes: Team Rocket is clearly the real threat to world peace.

Eevee vs. Charles Darwin

Winner: Charles Darwin

Notes: While Charlie D. used to have the evolution game locked down tight, Eevee has been creeping up on him – to the point where Eevee actually overtook the father of evolution in July 2012. Since then it's been close, but if things continue, it's pretty obvious who kids will be learning about evolution from in the near future. And it ain't the guy who can't evolve into Flareon.

Kanto (Pokemon) vs. Kanto (Japan)

Winner: Kanto (Pokemon)

Notes: Please keep in mind Kanto is an actual region of Japan. It has about 42 million people residing within its borders, approximately 1/3 of Japan's total population. Tokyo is in the Kanto region. But the fake Pokemon region is all people care about, apparently.

Pikachu vs. Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla

Winner: Pikachu

Notes: The three great titans of electricity – and, of course, Pikachu dominates the competition. Forget AC vs. DC. Except for some minor blips (both of their respective jumps overtaking Pikachu for a moment were due to Google Doodles honoring the two individuals), Pikachu is far and away the most popular figure in electricity today. Meanwhile, Raichu drinks away his life in a dive bar somewhere, still baffled that people actually avoid evolving Pikachu because of an anime series.

Mewtwo vs. Dolly the Sheep

Winner: Mewtwo

Notes: Dolly the Sheep (the first successfully cloned mammal) ain't got nothin' on the baddest Mew clone in Kanto. Because even though they're both first-of-their-kind clones, ya gotta go with the legendary psychic cat over the lame, regular sheep.

How To Find Shiny Pokemon vs. How To Find True Love

Winner: Inconclusive.

Notes: How hard is it to find love? It depends. How hard is it to find a Shiny Pokemon (for those of you who are unaware, a Shiny Pokemon is a Pokemon that is a different color than what it normally is)? About 1/8192. Sure the rewards are different (partner for life who will support you and love you vs. a yellow Caterpie) but you can't argue that trying to find a Shiny Pokemon is a bit more daunting of a task.

Rare Candy vs. Anabolic Steroids

Winner: Inconclusive

Notes: Real champions don't use drugs to get ahead, but then again it takes Dragonair FOREVER to evolve into Dragonite and how bad could a couple pieces of candy I found in a garbage can be? Apparently not too bad, because rare candy has been surging lately, and anabolic steroids have been losing popularity, and now the two are about tied. So, actually, champions use drugs, but they have a harder time deciding on which one to go with.

Pokemon vs. Peace vs. Happiness vs. Prosperity vs. Justice

Winner: Pokemon

Notes: In case it wasn't already clear – Pokemon is the key to everything.