7. Yo! Noid

The Dorklyst: The 10 Tastiest Pizzas in Videogame History - Image 1

Back in the ancient time of the late 80's, Domino's mascot was "The Noid" – some creepy guy in a weird get-up that tried to ruin pizzas (even though trying to "ruin" a Domino's pizza is a pretty redundant goal). And because there was a game for literally everything back then, there was also a Noid game, Yo! Noid, where The Noid actually loved pizzas instead of trying to ruin them all the time, which is like making a game about the Geico gecko trying to rundown uninsured civilians in a humvee. What could have turned the Noid into a pizza-loving fiend? Well, again, redundant – it's pizza. It's the best thing there is. Even a being designed specifically to hate pizza will crumble under the universal constant that is pizza at some point.

6. Spider-Man 2

In the opening of the movie Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker spends some time as a crappy pizza delivery boy, desperately transporting pizzas as Spider-Man to make it to a delivery in time. In the game, there are some side-missions where you're delivering pizzas as well – and it's one of the more entertaining mini-games to be found (namely because no annoying kid is begging a superhero to waste his god-like powers to get her balloon back). There's some peppy "stereotypical Italian" music (which you can listen to by clicking that YouTube link above) that plays while you (with pizzas literally strapped to your back) fly around New York delivering the 'za, as Spider-Man. No one seems to even blink that the city's most infamous/famous (depending on what paper you read) superhero is delivering freakin' pizza instead of stopping that army of bank-robbing robots. In fact, no one even comments on Spider-Man's presence – which makes sense. I mean, he's a good hero and all, but he's nothing compared to a fresh cheese 'n pepperoni.

5. Silent Hill 2

The Dorklyst: The 10 Tastiest Pizzas in Videogame History - Image 1

Eddie Dombrowski is not the most, uh, mentally-sound person in the world, and Silent Hill isn't the most, double-uh, ideal place to lay around and chow on some 'za, yet you run across the mysterious man sitting in a decrepit room, being mocked by a child, eating some fresh pizza. There are some possibilities here (given the supernatural nature of Silent Hill, it is possible the pizza was a figment of his imagination), but it seems pretty real. Regardless of whether it was real or not, the point is that Eddie – a disturbed murderer who was in a nightmare monster town – just really wanted some pizza. And it's even possible he tracked down the supplies himself to make it, or he called up the most cavalier and daring pizza place in the world that actually agreed to deliver a piping hot pizza to a neighboring ghost town. Hey, even Pyramid Head's gotta eat.