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I've been playing Dead Space 3 the past couple of days but only at night and with the window open. The reason I do that is because it gets down to 30 degrees outside and I'm trying to simulate Tau Volantis.-Robert

I was recently given my 4 weeks notice that my employment contract will not be renewed. Despite having a wife, mortgage and a reasonable amount of credit card debt that will not react well to my pending state of joblessness, my first thought was "That's about when the new Starcraft comes out. Sweet, I'll have time to play." (If you're reading this, sweetheart, it's totally not me and I intend on having another job by then.)-Joshua

One day when I was walking to school, I heard a noise – it was just the 'screech' sound a truck makes when it stops, but the second I heard it, I looked up to try to find a dragon. The only thought I had after that was: 'I need to stop playing Skyrim.'-Anonymous

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day by buying the new Mass Effect 3 figurines of our love interests (Garrus and Tali) from the Bioware online store.-Lisa

I can't afford to buy games regularly, so instead, I watch them on YouTube. I still get overly obsessed with the games and make cosplay props (sometimes entire costumes) to express my love of the games. Lately, I've realized that if I had saved my money up and bought a game system, I would've been able to actually play them myself.-Jane

And this week's "I Was Wrong About How Many Controllers the NES Could Support" Award goes to…

This was me and my wife's baby announcement on Facebook…-Tristan

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