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I once saw something funny happen (It was a guy slipping over or something) and then I thought "That's funny, I got to put that in my file share," followed by "I've clearly been playing to much Halo."-Shan

I was driving home from work and while at a stoplight behind a dude with the license plate "TREKIE", I honked, held up my phone case (science division in Spock blue with the Trek symbol) and gave the Vulcan salute. He laughed and returned the gesture. I'm sure there was a limit on the characters in the license plate or someone already had the correct version, but I was secretly upset his plate didn't say "TREKKIE" (with an extra "K").-Matt

When I was 5 or 6, I had gotten Pokemon LeafGreen for the Gameboy Advance – my first experience with Pokemon. After I got my Bulbasaur, I managed to go to Viridian and got stuck for a long time, not knowing I had to deliver the parcel to Oak. I didn't know what to do, so I kept battling wild Pokemon to a point where I had a Venusaur just from level 2-3 Pokemon's exp. points. The next couple hours were pretty boring, since my Venusaur was at a way higher level than everything I ran into.-Fotis

After Christmas I decided to buy myself a secret Christmas gift, a 3DS XL (a secret because my wife wouldn't really approve a $200.00 toy), after saving up for a few months. I kept it at work and would play Ocarina of Time during bathroom and lunch breaks. Last Friday I had just reached Ganon's castle, I saved the game, and went home. On Monday when I arrived at work I saw a couple of police cars out front of our building. Over the weekend the office had been robbed. When I went searching, I couldn't find my 3DS. The worst part, I can't explain to my wife why I am so upset.-Mark

A few days age I was texting an old girlfriend. She was going on and on about how much she hated her job and hated going to that place. I told her that it sounded a lot like how I hate Jötunheim, a realm of giants in the Vikings belief of Asgard. She told me she was always impressed about how knowledgeable and smart I am. Of course I couldn't come to tell her it was because I am a huge Thor comic reader. So I just play it cool.-John

And this week's "In The Days Before Motion Control" Award goes to…

I was so excited when SSX came out for the PS2 that I actually strapped on my snow board the first time I played.-Jonathan