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When I was 10, I bought my first GameBoy game – Pokemon: Blue Version. After I turned it on and started playing it, I got stuck: in my character's house. I didn't realize that the mat in front of the door was the way to exit a building. I spent about an hour pressing "A" on everything in that freaking house and gave up. I didn't touch the game or the GameBoy again until about 2 weeks later when a friend's sister showed me what to do after I told her I was "stuck" on one part in the game.-Claire

I was late to work one day last week, and there is a long, clear, straight stretch of road I have to take to get there. The speed limit is 20 mph, though (because it's adjacent to a school parking lot and a residence hall), which makes it a great place for policemen to hang out and catch anyone going more than 5 over the speed limit. As I turned onto this road, my index finger began twitching – I was thinking of hitting F5 to quicksave in case I get caught speeding. I've been playing too much Skyrim.-Natalie

I have a daughter on the way. I'm trying to convince my wife to name her Tali. I'm thinking of letting her name our daughter, so if we ever have a son, it'll be my decision and we can name him Garrus.-Anonymous

There came a point where I was so addicted to Persona 4 (Golden) that I'd have to sleep next to my PS Vita every night and imagine that the Persona 4 Gang were there with me.-Cisco

I was on a long train ride, and when I received a message my ringtone, Doctor Horrible's when he receives a call from Bad Horse, played. Some time later, I discovered the guy I was sitting next to had an appearing TARDIS ringtone. When I told him "Well, the Doctors meet at last", he did not understand. Someone else had set his ringtone for him.-Mariulo

When I was 13, I went to summer camp and developed a huge crush on a girl, who unfortunately didn't share my feelings. A few months later we fell out of touch. Years later, I noticed a post on her Facebook: "Feels like I'm in Smaug's belly." I had no idea she was a Tolkien fan, so I sent her a message. We got to talking and soon found out we were pretty much perfect for one another. Only problem is that she was in the middle of an epic nine-month journey across Africa (hence Smaug's belly) and Europe. So I worked my ass off and managed to fly out to spend the last month of the trip with her. She moved to England a few months later for school, but the time we had together remains the best relationship of my life. Six years later I finally got the girl, and all because of Tolkien.

And before she left she had me translate Bilbo's walking song from the Fellowship of the Ring to Tengwar, so she could have this memento of us.-Mitch

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And this week's "I Didn't Read Anything Beyond the First Sentence Because What Twilight Zone Do You Live In, Dude?" Award goes to…

So there's a Blockbuster very close to my house and I have a blue ticket which basically allows me to rent any game or movie for as long as I want, and this weekend was a going to be a long one so I went to find a game to keep me occupied. I wasn't looking for Black Ops 2 or any of the other Blockbuster titles I missed, I was looking for Dragon Ball Z Budokai the HD collection. Thankfully they had one copy left and while standing in line there was only one person at the register a very cute girl. I began debating whether or not to leave the game and get Looper instead and wait until someone else's shift to get the game. Eventually I swallowed my pride and walked up to the register. I tried to play it cool while she rang me up hoping she wouldn't care and I could just go home with my tail between my legs. Then she asked me something I did not expect, "So who's your favorite character?" I was stunned. I quickly stuttered out Vegeta as my brain tried to process what just happened. She confessed that she was planning to get the game after her shift so I quickly proposed that she could come over to my place and play it sometime this weekend. She said yes and gave a little wink handing me her number with the receipt. I walked out of their stunned that I have a date this weekend because of Dragon Ball Z.-Derek