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When I first the Nintendo 64, I fell, hook-line-and sinker, for the "Luigi is in Mario 64 myth" and spent countless hours and lives trying to find Luigi. I tried literally every method I could find on the (dial-up) internet to do so, from trying to jump into the lavafall inside the volcano in "Lethal Lava Land" at "just the right angle", using the cannon outside the castle to break through an invisible wall over the lake, to attempting to find the supposed hidden 121st star supposedly at the highest point of the rainbow ride world. After many failed attempts, my 12 year old self was forced to give up on the fruitless mission, not because I realized I was being played a fool, but because I thought I was doing something wrong… It was not until reading Dorkly's article "The 6 Cruelest Hoaxes and Urban Legends in Videogame History" over 14 years later that I realized that I had been hoodwinked.-Gary

I was totally unprepared for my first Latin test – but the first thing I did when I got the paper was to translate all the "mi fili"s that could be found. Thank goodness for Sephiroth.-Nadya

I am in high school right now and taking an AP U.S. Government course. The teacher told us to go home and find an article or a video that represented the importance of the Revelutionary War. So the next day I came back to my class and showed them the trailers for Assassin's Creed 3. In the end I got an F for the assignment.-Kaiser

Just the other day after my wife finished her run (she's training for a marathon), her knee locked up solid and she had to go the doctor to check it out. She texted me and said she may need a brace and have to stop running. I replied: "No more adventuring for you. You'll have to take up work as a guard now." She didn't get it. Even if did get it though, I probably deserved the chewing out I got afterwards.-Philip

When The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time came out, my roommate at the time and I (both of us musicians) spent hours and many late nights playing the game, taking turns with the controller. When we got to the Fire Temple and collected the Megaton Hammer, one of us joked "Megaton Hammer? Sounds like an awesome band name!" We both laughed about it and kind of forgot about it. 9 years later, I found myself playing in a new band, and before long the inevitable discussion of a band name arose. Without hesitation, I blurted out "Megaton Hammer!" It was the first and pretty much only suggestion considered, and it was the one that stuck. 5 years later, Megaton Hammer is still going strong. I'm attaching the cover to our newest EP, titled "I Am Error", the artwork for which was done by that former roommate.-Aaron (See below)

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One time I was chilling with some mates having a feed. Just after we'd finished, one of my friends asked me if I could put his books from University in my bag to save him having to carry it. My bag was already full and without thinking I said I couldn't, otherwise I'd become over-encumbered and not be able to run.-Emmanuel

Aaron's EP:

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