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I was running a while ago when I tripped, skinning my knee. It was pretty bad, pretty much covering my entire knee. Strangely, it didn't hurt at all. My first thought was that it was probably the endorphins numbing the pain. I immediately thought of the Hardened Adrenaline Rush in Mass Effect 2, "Your endorphins block out all pain and trauma in addition to speeding your reaction time." I finished the last mile of my run in record time, imagining that I was leading my team through the Collector's Base suicide mission. And even though I was just imagining, Garrus still died.-Cuyler

I was car shopping for a blue Chevy Sonic, however after I test drove the car with the dealer I mentioned I would only get the car if I could get a license plate that said "Tails". After which the dealer looks at me like I was crazy and asks "why?" …Maybe I should have said "Miles Prower"?-Jeff

I'm a grunt in the Marine Corps. The 15 mile hikes with 100 lbs of gear on our backs can get pretty rough – so in order to stay motivated, I repeat the Cave Johnson lemon speech in my head.-James

As a kid, my mom would ground me from videogames when I got in trouble, but I would usually find a way to get around it. It got to the point where mom had to lock the SNES in a steel storage chest in the closet with a padlock. After about 12 hours, I already caved in – I needed to play a video game. So I learned to pick locks – and after a week's practice on doors, random locks from the neighbors and just anything in general, I figured out how to pick the chest and get the SNES. I would only play at 3 AM in the night and sleep at school to avoid being caught. This went on for about a month before the teacher told my mom that I was always sleeping in class. She eventually found out what I did and put an end to it. As in she had me go outside with a hammer and destroy my console system. I am not kidding – I loved that thing and she made me destroy it with a hammer. It was like the ending of Old Yeller, but worse.-Hai

Each month we take a new photo of our son. I created this Legend of Zelda template where the hearts represent the months.-Desiree (see below)

And this week's "Thank You So Much For Not Sending Pictures, Anthony" Award goes to…

While shaving a bat symbol into your chest hair is pretty impressive, I've also experimented with shaving symbols into my body hair. Only, it was in my pubic region because my chest hair isn't thick enough. I've shaved the bat symbol, the Superman crest, and the Triforce.-Anthony

Desiree's Little Hero of Time (Who Has Somehow Gotten a Yoshi)

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