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If you've been anywhere on or near the internet in the past few weeks, you may have heard that a few people (everyone) are a little less than pleased (foaming at the mouth with rage) with the ending to Mass Effect 3. But there are worse endings than Mass Effect 3 out there. Endings that are more indefensible, awful, controller-shatteringly frustrating, or all of the above. Now, let's go over the six worst endings in videogame history…

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6) Knights of the Old Republic II

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Before we talk about the story in KOTOR II, let's bring up the minor point that the gameplay was laggy and full of stuttering, with piss-poor quality video and tons of content cut from the final product. Good, we have that out of the way.

But that all pales in comparison to the absolute what-the-hell nonsense of the game's plot and ending. You awake one somber Jedi night (see what I did there?) to find yourself on the Ebon Hawk, famed ship of Dark Jedi Revan. You don't know how you got there, or why there's an unconscious old woman named Kreia with you. To make a long, pointless story short: you never find out why, Kreia turns out to be an evil Sith (to absolutely no one's surprise), and using a gravity-based superweapon, you destroy an evil planet. Which was great, because… um… it was bad? And apparently a threat?

Really, the thing that made KOTOR II's ending so bad was that nothing really led up to it. Throughout the entire game, the plot is scattered and unfocused, without any real consequence on the table, because the game feels entirely disconnected from the original Knights of the Old Republic. Can you believe they allowed a beloved Star Wars property to have a wildly unfulfilling follow-up? Oh, you can? Really easily? Nevermind then.

5) Heavy Rain

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Part of the allure of Heavy Rain — other than the promise of nudity (huzzah for polygonal man-ass) — was the mystery. For those who haven't played, the basic premise is that young boys have been turning up dead, murdered by the so-called Origami Killer. The game throws about a hundred and one twists and turns, trying to get you to guess who the killer might be. And really, when you look at the way everything's presented, it comes down to "anyone with basic arts & crafts skills and a car." The game's producers never explicitly said that the identity of the killer could change, but it was something people expected nonetheless. The game kept you hanging at the edge of your seat, salivating and hungry until the end, where…

You find out it's always the same guy. The killer never changes, and so all the red herrings are just that: nonsensical, and exist only to throw you from suspecting the one character who turns out to be the killer. So now the plot doesn't even make any goddamn sense, and you feel like a dog who just went chasing after a tennis ball your master never really threw in the first place. Also your master is one of the creators of Lost.

4) Borderlands

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Let's set the scene: the game also opens with a message/hologram/hallucination of the Guardian, who labels you as a "Vault hunter." The game never really says what "the Vault" is or why people want to unlock it, only that they constantly try and fail. And you're thinking to yourself, "Not me! I'm the player! I'm a badass! I'll beat this game and be the first to unlock the secret!"

No. No you will not. Because beating the game means standing in one spot and shooting dead-on at a bug-squid final boss, being rewarded with some money, and absolutely no explanation of the Vault. The entire plot device that has identified your character is never revealed. And keep in mind, back when Borderlands came out, there were no plans for a sequel. The Vault could have remained a mystery forever, existing only as a figment of your imagination, containing whatever you wanted it to.

Me, I figure it held every piece of My Little Pony merch.