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I worked at a GameStop out in the middle of nowhere Minnesota for a few years. It was the biggest city for miles, so people from all of the rural towns nearby would come to shop. These country folk called controllers many things, but rarely did they actually call them controllers. One time a man came in and asked me if the used GameCube we sold came with a handle. I looked at him long and hard before I said, "Yeah, it has a handle so you can carry it or something, I guess." We were both were very confused for a long time until I realized he meant controller. He was not the last person to call them handles, but in the future I was more prepared.-Anonymous

I just realized the first (and only) thing I've bought that I had to show ID for was when I bought my boyfriend Skyrim for Christmas.-Anonymous

I have a lot of trouble waking up, regardless of time. I've tried various things over the years, from light up clocks, to multiple clocks at once. Nothing works. I adjust within a week. That was until I set my phone to play the drowning music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Now I'm out of bed with such speed that I've messed up my ankle twice.-Joseph V.

My parents didn't own a computer until I was 16. Before then, my friends would let me round-robin on Warcraft 2. I became so jealously addicted that I spent my free time designing a Warcraft board game using pennies and stickers. I put a ton of effort into it, using the Warcraft 2 manual for reference. My friends thought it was totally stupid, because they could just go home and play the real Warcraft 2.-Anon

I eat chocolate-covered raisins when I play the Age of Empires II Conquerors expansion. I leave a pile of them by the vent of my laptop's cooling system. I forget about them when things get intense and then, after each battle, I have a pile of raisins covered with half-melted chocolate all ready to be eaten.-Anonymous

My greatest achievement was coming up with the "gate glitch" in Guild Wars Factions. The objective of my team was to keep the NPC gatekeepers alive. When they died, the gate they guarded crumbles and ememies could enter further into our fortress. What I did was cast a spell that lowered my health, which triggered the gatekeeper to try to cast a spell on me. If the NPC was kept at a goldilocks distance (not close enough to cast the spell, not so far that the NPC gave up) with the help of speed boosts, I could make him follow me. I dragged him far into the center of the castle, beyond our opponents' reach. Since they couldn't reach the NPC to kill him, the outer gate couldn't fall. After months of utilizing this tool for easy wins, ArenaNet patched it by changing the NPC's spell. Thats right. ArenaNet was forced to make a patch because of me. I still get a tingly warm feeling when I think about the genius of the idea.-Brian

Early in our relationship I had to take my girlfriend to the hospital. She was in a lot of pain, and she ended up staying overnight. As I'd already been planning to introduce her to the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I was running, she asked my to distract her by discussing the various races and classes she could choose, including the long background stories for each. By morning she had decided on a Changeling Rogue, and still plays as her to this day.-Kaine

I was talking to my girlfriend last night and I said, "We should run a raid together." She got really excited and said "Where to?" I answered with "Dragon Soul, using the new raid finder." Her expression immediately sank. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I thought you said we should run away together."-Anonymous