1. Producer

    Well, we finally did it. An immense, unbelievable story, full of action, dragons and fighting. It's the most dramatic, action-packed game in American history.

  2. Executive

    Great! Can you cook?

  3. Producer


  4. Executive

    Right, like in the game. Can you cook?

  5. Producer

    You're missing the point. See, you're fighting dragons and-

  6. Executive

    Add cooking. And there's a dragon language, right?

  7. Producer


  8. Executive

    Also a written language. The dragons need a written dragon language for some reason.

  9. Producer

    Is..is it translated for the player?

  10. Executive

    No. This is entirely for the dragons.

  11. Producer

    I think you're missing the point. This is the most intense gripping story, full of adventure and intrigue-

  12. Executive

    Great! Make it completely optional.

  13. Producer

    I don't think-

  14. Executive

    Maybe people want to spend a couple weeks building the local economy. Or read some books.

  15. Producer


  16. Executive

    Write some books in the game. And make tons of people just hanging out. See we're not making a game; we're making a world!

  17. Producer

    Sir…calm down. We can't play God here!

  18. Executive

    God, huh? Tell me, between us and God, which one of us made a whole bunch of dragons?

  19. Producer

    …I never should have doubted you.