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As people may know, Ireland is going through some tough economic times. More and more people are emigrating in search of jobs. Unfortunately, I will most likely be one of these people. I can't afford to stay here anymore. Australia has been a popular choice amongst Irish people and with good reason; sun, sea and hot women. I ruled it out straight away because of the high price of videogames and tendency to ban games with an 18+ rating.-Dan

I got drunk at my bachelorette party and got a tramp stamp tattoo of the classic Batman symbol.-Lass

My OKCupid profile contains only the sentence, "I am ranked No.3 on the Leaderboard for Elvis Costello – 'Pump It Up' on Rock Band 3 on ProExpert Drums.' I have yet to receive a single wink, message or reply.-Anonymous

Back when I was in middle school, I had been looking forward to the new Ratchet and Clank game for awhile. I was really excited when I got home from school the day it was delivered to my house. I had just started playing when my parents brought me into the living room and tearfully told me that they were getting divorced. After staring at the floor for a minute, I said I had to think about what was happening alone for awhile. I went back to my room and played Ratchet and Clank until I beat it. It's still one of the fondest memories I have from my childhood.-Anonymous

My girlfriend was supposed to wake up early on Sunday to spend time with her mom. However, she wasn't getting out of bed despite my talking and gentle shaking. My mattress is on the floor for the time being, and so in an attempt to wake her up, I used my Unrelenting Force shout. I yelled "FUS RO DAH" and pushed her off the bed. It worked. She fell out of bed.-Evilmanta

The first time I had sex, I was cosplaying as Link, and I looked good.-Anonymous Girl

Sometimes when I'm having (not very good) sex with my boyfriend, I close my eyes and picture Vegeta instead of him. It gets much better.-Anonymous

My niece calls me Uncle Batman. The other day I took her to the mall to meet Santa. We were waiting in line, and she said, "Uncle Batman, can you hold my jacket?" The lady in front of us heard and for some reason decided to pick a fight. She said, "Batman is not a superhero. He has no super powers." I thought I misheard her. I asked her to repeat herself, and she did. We started arguing. I explained, "The very fact that Batman has no super powers makes him one of the greatest superheroes ever, because his weakness is being human, which he overcomes with combat training and high intellect." Then I started telling her about the villains Batman fights without super powers, such as Bane, The Joker, Clayface and others. When we got towards the front of the line, Santa walked up to us and said, "Please be quiet." Then he looked at me, and then looked at the lady and said, "Batman is a superhero." And that was the end of it because it was the lady's kid's turn to go see Santa.-Anonymous