People like to make jokes at the expense of WoW players, and with all the videos of them smashing monitors and throwing temper tantrums on the Internet, it's not too surprising. Finding the best Warcraft videos on the web is like trying to pick your favorite pizza topping: They're all so damn good that it's hard to narrow it down. But we did our best. Here's our tribute to the greatest freakouts, pranks, and embarrassing moments in Warcraft videos.


There's emerging genre of Internet video featuring girls destroying their boyfriend's gadgets (or in this case, characters) and then recording the fallout. You can actually see this guy go through the first two stages of grief almost immediately: "Hmmm, that's strange. My main character isn't showing up on my server login screen. No worries, it's probably just some kind of load error. I'll just go ahead and log back in…And he's still gone. This has to be some kind of mistake, unless someone deleted my char….AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SMASH. SMASH. SMASH." From denial to unbridled anger in just a few seconds!


The first minute and a half of this video fails to mention Warcraft at all; it's just your run-of-the-mill friendly neighborhood Juggalo threatening an unnamed group of people with a tire iron. And it easily could have ended with that. There's no shame in a time-tested "Threatening The Internet" video. But then it gets better. A lot better. It turns out she's threatening her former Warcraft guildmates over some controversy about canceling her account. The best part? She gives them a martial arts demonstration to let them know what they're in for. SPOILER ALERT: It. Is. Great.


Aspects of this video are patronizing: We've never thought playing World of Warcraft (or any videogame for that matter) is a hindrance to having a healthy social life. Still, watching this many characters be destroyed when the guy's clearly put hundreds of hours into them is captivating. It's like watching someone meticulously craft a model ship in a bottle and then seeing them shatter it against a wall.


While it's been generally accepted as fake, we can't deny this Internet classic a spot on the list. From the ridiculous number crunching, to the nasally voices of the guildmates, to Leeroy's hilarious battle cry, this video proves that in-game pranks can be just as funny as real-life ones. If only it weren't staged. Oh well, at least it got Warcraft mentioned on Jeopardy.