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As it turns out, Wal-Mart did not have a midnight release for Skyrim.-Vash

I'm a Fedex driver. When I get packages with videogames in them I deliver them early.-radarorly

I was probably hit the hardest in my county by the freak East Coast snowstorm this October. A branch hit the power line outside my house, then some idiot hit it and dragged the line and my meter box through my front yard. I'm still without power due to the bureaucracy of installing a new meter box and getting it inspected. Needless to say, the release of Skyrim made the situation much more dire. Today I asked a neighbor if I could do laundry at their house. They said yes, and that they'd be out of the house for a few hours. In light of this, I dragged a 32 inch LED monitor and my desktop to their house. Hope they don't mind when they get home.-Styger

According to my Steam stats, I played Skyrim for 33 hours during the first 48 hours after release.-Andrew

I've been working out for the last two months and have gained a good bit of muscle. I'm preparing my body for ten-hour stretches of swinging the WiiMote around for Skyward Sword.-Anonymous

I posted (what I thought was) a funny comment on an article online. Then someone made a comment making fun of me. Their comment got a ton more likes than my comment, and praise from multiple posters. Not only did it make me depressed for the rest of the day, but I skipped going to the bar with my friends to spend the night thinking of a comeback that would get more likes than their comment.-Allen

I hate it when the other guys in Big Bang Theory complain about Sheldon. He´s the sanest of them all. He´s not crazy at all. He´s totally normal. He´s just more intelligent than the other guys. I get furious when they roll their eyes about something he said. Seriously.-Anonymous

I'm a huge Watchmen fan. I'm always trying to get more people into it. I have a friend that saw the movie, but hadn't read the comic. I got her to agree to give it a shot, but it was sold out everywhere. I wasn't about to pass up the chance to make a new Watchmen fan. I bought her the special edition for her at a comic event. Then I planned a surprise. I made gift wrap that looked like the Watchmen blood stain, and used my 1:6 scale Doctor Manhattan action figure to present it to her in class. She loved it. I felt like I fulfilled my duty as nerd culture spreader.-Nite Owl