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I was a deputy jailer for three years. During that time, I had to pepper spray more then my fair share of crazy drunk people. One night I had to deal with one drunk who had been maced before. He knew to keep his face down. The only thing I could think of was to yell "YOGA FIRE!" It worked. The guy looked up, confused, and I promptly covered him in mace. He gave up the fight and all was well.-anchampion03

Inspired by last week's post about the guy using Let's Play videos to fall asleep, I fired one up before going to bed yesterday. I ended up watching someone play trough all of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link until 4am.-Mr. Late For Work

I'm jealous of the people who submit stories to Pwn Up about the ways they get out of work or school to play a new game. I don't have have the nerve to lie to my boss. When Arkham City came out, I knew the only way I could convince myself to stay home to play was if I actually made myself too sick to work. I spent three nights eating expired food, hoping to wake up with a debilitating stomach ache. I woke up each morning feeling fine and begrudgingly went to work. The unspeakable pain didn't start until the weekend.-Remy

I love Portal and for Halloween I was Chell. I built a Portal Gun and Companion Cube. Before going out to bars, I made the conscious choice to bring my cube along. I figured, if someone hitting on me doesn't know I'm a nerd right off the bat, they shouldn't bother trying to get into my jumpsuit.-Elizabeth

It's normal (I think) for Facebook game addicts to make extra accounts to help them in games. One month my television broke, denying my access to any console for that month. To make matters worse, my Steam account was hacked and my WoW account expired. I couldn't afford anything, so I turned to Facebook games. Between FarmVille, CityVille, Mafia Wars, Project Legacy and Zombie Lane, I made and still know the passwords to 53 Facebook accounts. These aren't filler accounts like John Smith, or Randy Inyourpants Jr, either. I made and maintained 53 accounts dedicated to my favorite game characters like Chell, Mario and Master Chief. I still have them as a constant reminder of how addicted I used to be.-Anonymous

I just registered for classes for the second semester of my senior year in college. I signed up for "Intermediate Clothing Construction." I did it for the sole purpose of having six hours set aside each week to make cosplays for my husband and I. Cosplay is also the only reason I stay in shape.-PharaohsQueen

Some years back, I got into a car accident. I was going 45 mph when someone pulled out in front of me. Half my seat belt snapped and I flew out of my seat just enough to shatter my windshield but not go through it. I got out of the car and waited at the curb for paramedics to arrive. When they came they put me on a stretcher and strapped me down to keep me from moving, incase my spine had been messed up. The first thing I did on the stretcher was pull my DS out of my pocket, turn it on, and hold it up to the paramedic to ask him if he saw a crack in the screen.-Zach

This is a cake I made for my wife's birthday. We both design and decorate cakes as a hobby. My friends and I pulled an all-nighter to finish it in time for her surprise party. She was confined to the bedroom while we decorated it. She played Ocarina of Time on her 3DS while she waited.-Anonymous