1. Raiden

    Welcome to the deadliest fighting tournament in the world. Or the outer world. We, the good guys, have to fight the bad guys. And then we have to fight each other.

  2. Liu Kang

    Why do we have to do that?

  3. Raiden

    Shut up, that's why. It's deadly and everyone has tons of super-powers.

  4. Johnny Cage


  5. Raiden

    Oh, it's popular movie star Johnny Cage, here to wish us luck.

  6. Liu Kang

    I loved you in National Treasure!

  7. Johnny Cage

    Nope. I'm here to fight!

  8. Raiden


  9. Johnny Cage

    See, I decided to enter this deadly tournament between super beings because I want to show everyone I don't use special effects.

  10. Raiden

    Is that…is that your official backstory?

  11. Johnny Cage

    Yes. Yes it is. Also, I use special effects. But not much.

  12. Raiden

    Okay, let me spell this out for you: there's a man here who is a reptile ninja. He can spit acid. This acid-spitting-ninja-monster is the worst fighter here.

  13. Johnny Cage


  14. Raiden

    I mean, imagine you fight Goro. What do you do then?

  15. Johnny Cage

    Hit him in the nuts.

  16. Raiden

    This isn't one of your stupid movies. I am a God of thunder. I can shoot lightning! How are you going to fight me?

  17. Johnny Cage

    I don't know. Uh, maybe, you know, a Hadouken!

  18. Long, long pause.

  19. Raiden

    …you did not just…

  20. Johnny Cage

    I'll show myself out.