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I tell my wife that I think about her giving birth, how inspiring it is and the pain she overcame, whenever I work out and need to push through a heavy set. In reality I think of Batman and his inability to give up during the Knightfall story line. Batman didn't need an epidural.-Danny

Everything I know about football I learned reading anime, particularly Eyeshield 21.-Raph

I'm right-handed, but I fully intend to play Skyward Sword as a lefty LIKE IT SHOULD BE.-Darth Jader

I used to practice Muay Thai. One time my coach had me spar this huge guy who was also the most experienced fighter in the gym. I was only in my second month of training. After some ordinary beating, he clinched my neck. I couldn't get loose. I struggled for a while and receiving four punches to the head. All I remember after that was screaming "SHORYUKEN!" and delivering a jumping uppercut to his jaw. Not only did I get loose, but he fell down, mostly from surprise. Everyone stared at me for what felt like an eternity before my coach burst out laughing. The entire gym laughed at me for two weeks until I injured my shoulder and quit.-Anonymous

I'm a big fan of the original Duke Nukem games. I bought Duke Nukem Forever as soon as I could. I was so disappointed by it that I sold all of my Duke Nukem games and wrote a letter to the company. I told them, "I am very unhappy with your game standards. I am no longer a fan of your games and have given up. You've lost one fan and probably many more." Shockingly, they replied. It said only this: "Thanks for playing."-LifeUpStudios

I listen to Let's Play videos to help me fall asleep at night.-Spinelli

A few years ago i was at Anime Central in Chicago watching a Zombie Survival panel. They started talking about Resident Evil and the main characters. When they got to Barry Burton one of the panelists said, "Why doesn't anyone care about Barry?" I was in my Barry Burton costume. I stood up and yelled "I care." The entire room applauded. It was one of the best feelings I've ever felt.-Anonymous

My girlfriend loves Smash Bros. Our anniversary is next week. I made her this, featuring out two favorite characters. I'm Jigglypuff.-Zack