1. Mario

    Hey guys! Party time, am I right?

  2. Luigi

    Yeah…uh, hey dude?

  3. Mario


  4. Luigi

    Why did you invite Boo and Wario?

  5. Mario

    It ain't a party unless our enemies are here, for some reason.

  6. Luigi

    Yeah, but Boo? You know ever since the haunted-

  7. Mario

    Let it go, bro. Just…just let it go.

  8. Wario

    Hey dude, where are the chicks?

  9. Mario

    I'm sorry Wario, but the babes are at another party. The only girls we brought for the entire party are our girlfriends. If that doesn't say "party" than I don't know what does. And speaking of that-

  10. Boo


  11. Mario


  12. Wario

    Seriously? And where is everyone else?

  13. Mario

    Oh, right. Only four people at a time. For maximum partying.

  14. Wario

    So what games? Beer pong, or-

  15. Mario

    Board Games!

  16. Boo

  17. Mario

    Don't worry. We'll be doing practice rounds. A lot.

  18. Wario

    What games?

  19. Mario

    It depends on where we land in the boardgame.

  20. Boo

    So…we're in a boardgame playing boardgames?

  21. Mario

    Game-ception. Right bro?

  22. Luigi

    …I never said that.

  23. Mario

    We also roll the dice by smashing our heads.