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I was unemployed for a while. I realized that if I stopped working out, I could live off eating the rest of my protein powder, milk, vitamins and the occasional Ramen pack here and there. I did it for a month. I had to plan every meal calorically and remind myself that I wasn't going to die because on paper I was getting enough nutrition. The only thing that got me through it was pretending I was a space marine. I imagined I was in the future and all food is condensed and repacked into 20oz of fluid and three capsules.-Griffin

I gave all the contacts in my phone false names from comics, fantasy novels, memes, cult shows and videogames. Lately, most of my messages have been from Wolverine and the incredible Hulk.-Jen-Jen

When I first started dating my wife in college, I was really into Ultima Online. I wanted to introduce her to it so we could play together. She agreed to give it a shot. I was super excited. I bought her a subscription, gave her items, gave her a ton of gold and helped her gain experience. One day we were out adventuring and we kept getting griefed by a PKer. When we finally made it back to town she let loose. She told me how stupid she thought the game was and how it had no point. She took all the gold I gave her and threw it on the ground. It was about 250,000 pieces. Of course, someone was right there to steal it. Just like that half my gold was gone. I got so mad I started crying. We've been married 10 years now. She still makes fun of me for it.-Jess

I recently adopted a healthier lifestyle: I quit smoking, I started eating better and I started going to the gym, among other healthy pursuits. I refuse to die before A Song of Ice and Fire is complete.-Anonymous

The Gamestop at my local mall was giving away Arkham City swag for the people that showed up for the midnight release. The guy in front of me got the last item. It was a lanyard. I was disappointed that I didn't get anything for waiting an hour in line, so I offered him $40 for it. He accepted.-Gabriel

I work at a comic book/collectible shop. During my job interview, my boss took me over to the Star Wars case and made me name each figure.-Anonymous

My frat plays the Temple of Time theme as background music during initiation ceremonies when we want to be more intimidating.-Ryan

I'm an avid Xbox 360 achievement whore. This obsession has led me to play countless shitty games, like CSI, The Spiderwick Chronicles and Hannah Montana: the Movie. I recently broke 100,000. To celebrate the occasion, I made a collage of every achievement I've earned. It took countless hours to create a worthless picture celebrating a worthless accomplishment. I couldn't be more proud.-Cameron