Poison Ivy uses her seductive powers on a vulnerable cameraman. Not even calamine lotion could save him. (via Geeks are Sexy)

Elite ninja Kakashi hangs in the rafters, waiting for a perfect moment to pounce on the funnel cake line. (via Kyoempty)

Catwoman doing what she does best. Hanging out near escalators. (via Comicvine)

Adventure Time comes to life! Without acid. (via 2Dx)

Princess Allura keeps up appearances after seeing the rest of Voltron Force brutally murdered by Robeast cosplayers. (via Kyoempty)

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend celebrate a well-timed "Yo Mama" joke at the expense of some guy wearing red shoes. (via Lasercola)

The X-Men attempt to keep a straight face as Colossus shamelessly displays his metallic nipples. (via Geeks are Sexy)

Catherine waits for Vincent to return from one of his famous "puzzle nightmares." (via Comicvine)