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I've been working on losing weight. I tried the Wii, and I've tried Kinect. They get so boring so fast. Instead, I've been using my DDR Universe dance mat to play Marvel vs Capcom 3. I've made it up to the fifth stage using Akuma, Ryu and Spider-man, and I've lost 17 lbs.-Tones

I worked at Target when I was 17. A couple of weeks after Final Fantasy 7 was released, a kid came in with his mom to return an open copy of the game. His reason was that he just didn't like it. The store's return policy forbid the return of open software. Sometimes I did bend the rules, though. I could list items as defective. Being a Final Fantasy fan and lover of FF7, I refused to allow them to return it. I suspected he hadn't even seen the world map yet. I told his mom there was nothing I could do for them. As she walked away, I told the kid, "Be patient, once you get out of Midgar the game opens up a lot more." To this day I wonder if he took my advice.-Q

I was the president of my college's board game club. I was chosen solely because we needed someone who could be there every Saturday to get the games at 1pm, and then lock them up again by 1am. I was usually there that whole time anyway. No one else even ran.-Anonymous

I saved three vacation days all year so I could take off Nov 1 for Uncharted 3, Nov 8 for Modern Warfare 3 and Nov 15 for Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Why didn't I save a day for Nov 11 for Skyrim? It's Veteran's Day. Work is already closed. God bless veterans everywhere.-Ever L.

I'm a girl who loves Batman. I've got the comics (issues and trades), posters, movies, games, action figures, etc. On a whim, I shaved the Batman symbol into my pubic hair. It took about an hour. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Unfortunately, I have no one besides myself to appreciate my homemade bat signal.-Bat Bush

I recently took LSD. I experienced 12 hours of accelerated thought and beautiful visuals. What I took away most from the trip was that, to my surprise, I like Twilight Princess more than Wind Waker.-Anonymous

I have a red and black 1000cc Honda sportbike. I named it after Auron from FFX and customized it to look more like my favorite guardian. I added brake and clutch levers that look like Auron's katana, a dark windscreen like his black hair, and better exhaust to give him a nice low growl. The best addition, though, is a carbon-fiber piece that covers the right headlight to match his permanently closed right eye. I always cue up his theme song when I start the bike. Sometimes, when I'm alone at a stoplight, I rev the engine to the pattern of "No time to waste, let's go."-Dayna

Every week since they were born, I take photos of my sons with teddy bears to show their growth. On week 56, early December 2009, I did a Mario-inspired photo with my eldest son. Just this past week was my youngest son's week 56 photo. I went with another Nintendo icon inspired photo. My wife and I recently found out she's pregnant. We're both hopeful for a daughter. I'm already planning a Samus/Metroid week 56 photo.-Jeremy P.