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I was playing MW2 and this girl gets on and starts talking. First thing she says is "Hey guys, do your girlfriends ever fart and then you walk into it?" After some colorful responses and some sures she says "I told you I wasn't the only one!"-Jared
In Halo 3 a little kid asked my friend how he had a flaming head, something Bungie allowed all its Halo 3 players to use during Bungie Day. He told him he had to go through the hardest level on the hardest difficulty with all the kills turned on, then jump off a ledge at the end that led to a platform added that day. He then told him it usually takes several tries and if you die you have to start the level over. He came back four hours later asking for help, we laughed and then muted him.-Zack G
"Did you guys know that World War II was based off the movie Saving Private Ryan?"-Anonymous
When playing MW2, this guy asked why my name was so long then proceeded to try to say it. He failed miserably. Some people corrected him and they said it just fine. I told him it's because I don't have trouble reading. The team erupted in laughter. -Ricardo T

I was playing Halo 3 when I heard this little kid, so I decided to mess with him and told him to go to lemonparty to get cheats for Halo 3 which give you ultimate weapons and sh*t like that. The kid believed it and asked his dad to use his laptop, his dad was in the room when went on the website and he flipped out. The kid cried and yelled "I'm not gay!" His dad then said that he was getting his Xbox back until he turned straight. He was seven.-Bob
So, this friend of mine was playing in a free-for-all match on MW2 and was getting his ass handed to him. The guy was facing an awesome player, so he had to say something, it went along the lines of, "Jesus Christ I can't take two-steps without this guy tubing me." When the guys Mic lit up it was a 6 year old who sang Yankee Doodle and mumbled something about puppies and continued shooting him in the face for the rest of the match.-Lunchbox
While playing a CDOMW2. We were watching the game winning kill cam, and the guy that was shot's body ended up laying on his back with his feet clear back over his head. This prompted my buddy to yell "look, that mother fucker is sucking his own dick!" This comment got a lot of laughs which then brought up the question of "If you could suck your own dick, would you cum in your own mouth, and would it be any gayer because you did?"-Nathan