Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is what we in the business call a "planet killer." Now that it's launched, be prepared to have your job, relationship, and productivity tested. Here are some of the main reasons you'll wave goodbye to the outside world for a while after immersing yourself in Starcraft II.

1. It's True To The Original

You sit down and play a few matches, alternating between races, when you realize something- you've been here before. Déjà vu sets in- the units are different, the graphics are augmented with another dimension, but this is Starcraft. Somehow the people at Blizzard have managed to balance power-armored marines, mutant bugs, and space wizards a second time. Alone in your basement you stand up and applaud. Well done Blizzard…well done. Now finish your Hotpocket and spawn more overlords!

2. More Sequels On The Way

The people at Blizzard would like to tell you a story. Wings of Liberty is only the first game of three in the Starcraft II series. Why the break up? Well, it's definitely not to make more money. The developers at Blizzard say they want to do the story justice. Apparently the new non-linear campaign could take somewhere between 20 hours and 3 years to complete; so as soon as you finish Wings of Liberty, the second installment might be out.
…Who are we kidding? We'll probably be waiting another 12 years.

3. Awesome Units

Apparently since the first Starcraft, Optimus Prime got a little frisky. He lit some candles, put in some Barry White, and turned the TV to "The Best of Monster trucks 08'"- and then he made sweet love to an M1 Abrams tank. The resulting lovechild is the Thor. It lumbers around the battlefield making sure it doesn't squash the siege tanks scurrying around its feet. This thing has cannons on its cannons. It looks deadly enough to give the hivemind writer's block.

4. Challenge Mode

When you're terrible at a videogame, it's only reasonable to blame the company that made the game. Hell, that's pretty much all we do. That's why we were a little disappointed to see that Blizzard added a new Challenge Mode to Starcraft II. Now we don't have any excuses for losing. Basically, the challenges are meant to reflect situations you'll face online, such as using hotkeys effectively and fending off early rushes. There are no challenges based around taunting 13-year-olds and swallowing your pride- you'll have to practice those yourself.