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When I was younger, I prided myself on knowing everything about FF7. I played through it once a year. My mother would say, "Why do you bother memorizing all of this crap? This isn't going to help you in real life!" Today I work in HR for an insurance company. I wrap up every interview by asking, "What's the prize for beating Ruby Weapon?" It works as a tie-breaker if someone knows. I do it so people can call their parents and tell them they got a job for their "useless knowledge." Take that, mom!-Raleigh

It was my senior year of college when Gears of War 3 was announced. I decided, right then and there, that I wanted to dress up as Cole for the midnight release. I started going to the gym and bulked up to near 200 lbs for it.-Richie

Today in my western civ class, my professor asked if we knew the old english word for horse. I said "rohan," which is right. He asked how I knew. I said from Lord of the Rings: the kingdom of Rohan, the Mark of the Riders. Now I'm that kid in the class. Great way to start off the semester.-Steven

I told my air force recruiter I to want wait till February to join so I can get my affairs in order. My affairs are getting Skyrim and playing it thoroughly.-Howard

I had to call my mom and ask for money after getting some unexpected bills. I was worried my account would bounce after other automatic bills came out. She sent $60 to hold me over. I did the responsible thing and bought Gears of War 3. I now have negative $45 in my account. Totally worth it.-Anonymous

Some people turn to alcohol after a breakup. I turn to Megaman. The last time my heart was broken I started playing Megaman games from start to finish. I went though Megaman 1-8 and X-X8 in one week.-Gus

My irritating stepmom just asked what I was printing that took 90 pages. I lied and said it was an employee manual for my new job. It was actually the music catalogue for Rock Band 2. I plan to spend the afternoon highlighting my download choices. BTW, I am an unemployed 36-year-old woman.-June

I love Portal. I asked my girlfriend to make me a companion cube cake for my 20th birthday. She was worried she couldn't make it square enough. She didn't want to ruin it. Instead, on the day before my birthday she made me the black forest cake from Portal. I was definitely happy with it, but that cake was a lie. On my actual birthday, she made me the companion cube cake. She says she didn't like the way it came out, but I freaking' love it. It's delicious and full of funfetti.-Anonymous