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One of my best friends got engaged recently. Yesterday I got a Pokeball in the mail. There was a message on the outside. It said, "I Choose You…" On the inside was another message, "…to be my best man!" Of course I said yes.-Pook

When I was 8-years-old, I called the Nintendo hotline to find out how to beat the final boss of a game. The game had just been released. They didn't know. Ten minutes later I called them back to tell them how to do it. They were not interested. They told me to write a letter to Nintendo Power.-Anonymous

The only reason I bought a kindle was so that I can read my Star Wars extended universe books in public without people seeing and harassing me.-Al Z.

My wife and I had a videogame-themed wedding. Our cakes were Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man cheesecakes with cupcakes in between them as power pellets. We cut the cake to "Still Alive." Our officiant sprinkled in references about us leveling up together and overcoming random encounters. My wife walked down the aisle to a Final Fantasy song. She even crafted the Mario piranha plants and fireflowers for us to decorate with. The best part? It was her idea.-Tim R.

I'm a huge fighting game fan. For unrelated reasons, my parents had forbidden me from leaving the house the night that Marvel vs Capcom 3 was released. I had to sneak out the window and stealthily take the car, but I got it. I was the only one that showed up at Gamestop.-Christian

When I was growing up, I prided myself on being able to beat any videogame. The only exception was the original Super Mario Bros. I could never get past level 8-3. Every time I got stuck, I had to call my mom in to beat it for me. She did it effortlessly every time.-Anonymous

I lost my virginity after the midnight release of Deathly Hallows Part II. I said goodbye to all of my childhood that night.-R.C.

I had a videogame-themed 21st birthday party last weekend. The room was decked out in posters from different games, along with other things. To top it off, I had this cake in the center of the table, flanked by several copies of the cake from Portal.-Shane