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When I was a kid, my mom used to make my brother and I keep a diary. I found it recently. There was one month where almost every page had a comment about Street Fighter II. The most remarkable ones:-I hate Vega, he is such a cheater-I hate Vega, climbing the fence is illegal-Brother told me he beat Vega, but that's impossible. I hate VegaAfter a few weeks without Streetfighter comments, I wrote, "I hate Sagat!!!!"-Anonymous

When I first started dating my girlfriend, she let me borrow her Gameboy. When I lost interest in her, I was afraid to break up with her because I thought she was going to take her gameboy back. I stayed with her for six more months.-Henry

When I was in the 12th grade, my school district had a contest: Every time you bought milk, you got a scratch card. First and second prize were expensive, but lame. Third prize was an Xbox 360. My friend and I were intrigued by the contest because the cheapest milk was just 10 cents. I really wanted that 360. My friend just wanted the scratch cards and had no interest in gaming. It was win-win. We bought 50 milks the first day. We drank them during lunch, and scratched the cards during English. We were both pretty sick by the end of the day. I usually took the bus home from school. I had to get off the bus before my stop and walk so I could vomit a few times. We slowed down our pace after that, and enlisted others to help.We spent about $50 on milk during the month long contest. We didn't win a single thing.-Andrew J.

Dragonball Z inspired me to start working out and eating real food.-Anonymous

I wear a necklace of the logo from one of my favorite animes, Soul Eater, everywhere I go. I do this to help me meet other anime fans.-Zach

It was my girlfriend's birthday. We'd been dating for two years. I only had $100 and suck at choosing gifts, so I took her to the mall and let her pick something. I ended up buying her some clothes. It cost around $30. Suddenly, I remembered: God of War 2 was released that day. I ditched my girlfriend and rushed to the game store. When I got there, I saw that Shadow of the Colossus was on sale. I had to decide between the two games and I was really happy about it, until I left the store. My girlfriend was pissed. She said, "so your videogame addiction is more important than giving me a nice present." I felt terrible. She didn't let me hear the end of it for a while. We dated for five years total. The month after we broke up she got pregnant and married another dude. That was six months ago. Now I see it clearly: I should have bought both games.-Mario

When I was a little kid in the '80s, I loved the Legend of Zelda cartoons. We didn't have a VCR, so I would put one of those old audio tape recorders in front of the TV and record the episodes. Then I'd listen to them as I fell asleep at night.-Anonymous

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While reading your "7 Videogame Postings" article, I flew into a rage when I saw that Red was mistaken for Ash. I fell further into rage when I found out that nobody cares but me.-Anonymous