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When I was 12, I was really into Pokemon cards. I was at the store with my grandmother buying some booster packs when I decided to open a few of them to see what I got. After sifting through the "padding" cards that I already had a dozen copies of, I stumbled across a holographic Raichu. While I was examining it, another boy who was browsing the cards approached me and pulled a massive wad of cash out of his pocket. He then asked me; "how much do you want?" I told him my cards weren't for sale. He then offered me $200 for the Raichu card. I was just about to sell it to him when my grandmotherappeared and broke up the transaction. It's been ten years now and I still haven't found anyone willing to pay more than $20 for the card.-Andrew H.

So, I was in my chem lab last semester, and it was really quiet, so you could basically hear what other people were doing/saying etc. And right when it hits one of those awkward 10-15 second simultaneous silences, this guy starts whistling the "Epona Song" from Ocarina of Time. I thought it was awesome so trying to be cool and connect, I yelled "I'll never let you leave this ranch!" and smiled waiting for all the high fives for my awesomeness. They never came. Not even from the guy who was whistling.-M.A.S.

Let me start by saying I am a month away from turning 25. I am 6 foot, 200 lbs, in pretty solid shape from working construction as a side job, have a bushy beard and a decent collection of scars and tattoos. I only drink bourbon, Irish whiskey and dark beer when I go out, routinely wear a viking helmet, and rebuilt an engine the day after getting out of the hospital when my appendix burst. With that said, last night I woke up after having a dream where Shepard died at the end of ME3. (Kamikazied the Normandy into the Reaper "General"). I am not ashamed to say this, but for the first time since fourth grade I cried like a little girl…a little girl in pig tails. -Stafferty the Ginger Barbarian

After growing up with the book series (I have all 7 in hardcover) and watching all the movies, I still involuntarily shudder and look suspiciously over my shoulder any time I hear someone say Voldemort out loud…-Aerica

When I was about 7 years old, I was playing Mortal Kombat 2 on Sega Genesis. I was playing Tower mode and absolutely struggling with the mirror match, where you had to fight a mirror version of your own playable character. In this case I was playing as Liu Kang, I believe. I was sitting about three feet in front of the television and after losing multiple times, I just let loose with a string of curse words. We're talking every curse word that I knew just rapid fire, one after another, with no sense of purpose or direction. I'm almost positive that they weren't even sensible, such was my rage. After what I believe was like a 30-full-second rant of expletives, I heard a slight cough behind me. I turned around and my father had been sitting behind me for my entire rage session, just listening in on me. I looked at him for like two seconds and literally just ran like a bat out of hell, directly past him and up the stairs to my room. My dad said that the absolute horror in my eyes of seeing him behind me was enough of a punishment and I wasn't grounded or anything. 16 years later, my dad still loves to tell this story.-Nate

I started playing Magic: The Gathering when Beta came out back in 1994. Me, My brother and my neighbor spent easily over $500 on starter and booster packs. When we got home, his religious nut of a mother threw all the cards out the window after seeing one particular card with a pentagram in the background (unholy strength). We didn't think of it much until a few years later we started playing it competitively in tournaments (he had to hide his cards at my house and lie to his mom about why he was over so much). We were cleaning up his yard one weekend before a tournament when I dug up some of the garden around the house and came across a bunch of barely held together cards that looked like they had been through hell and lived to tell the story. As I'm going through the cards that I hadn't seen in about 2 years I notice that there was a Black Lotus as well as a few of the other VERY expensive cards. In all I believe that they are worth close to $4000 worth of cards now. Needless to say I was very upset and have never forgiven the kid for what his Jesus-freak mom did.-TMac