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About a month ago, my online buddy showed me Star Trek porn in order to mock it mercilessly. I pretended to think it was ridiculous, but I actually thought it was hot. Later in the week, I watched it again on my laptop in my room. I didn't want my roommates to find out, so I tried to be as discreet as possible. After I was done, I realized that my headphones were plugged into the microphone jack. I thought the sound as coming from my headset. My roommates heard everything. -Anonymous

I was at my first anime convention. The convention was in a hotel and the part of the hotel we were staying at had rooms with windows facing towards the walkways and pool. As my friends and I were walking back to our room from the dealer's room, I heard a slow, yet deliberate hissing noise. As we walked closer to the stairwell, it got louder and louder until we were right in front of a man in a creeper suit. I screamed bloody murder.-Princess Peachie

I got Super Mario Bros 2 for Xmas. My little sister watched as I got all the way up to 7-1, and then suspiciously ran out the room. Just as I finished the level, my parents came in with her in tow, telling me "you've played the game enough, it's her turn" and that I had to hand over the controller – on the last level of a game I haven't beaten yet. I was even more furious as she managed to kill off my stockpile of extra lives in about 10 mins. Then to ice the cake, before she handed the controller back to me for my turn, she selected Mario just to piss me off (I played the whole thing as Luigi). I'm 36 and it still mad at her about it.-mil

I usually keep my minecraft on peaceful so I can build freely without being bothered by mobs, but one time I decided to turn on the mobs and have a little survival test. After a night of killing spiders, skeletons and zombies, I went back to my house that I'd spent ages working on to get some food and maybe do some crafting. Somehow, a creeper spawned INSIDE my house and blew up just as I turned a corner. I didn't even jump that much with the maze game.-Garrett

After I beat Resident evil 4 once, I went to the last difficulty. I was so afraid of never getting past the last boss that I decided to use no healing items until then (except when the suitcase was full). It was really hard, I spent my last ammunition on "it" (the monster right before Krauser), so Krauser was a bitch to kill. When I finally got to the last boss, I killed him with exactly one clip of tmp and didn't have to use any item. In the end all I accomplished was dying over nine hundred times to beat a could-be easy game.-Anonymous

So, my husband knew my love for horror movies and convinced me to play Fatal Frame. It was the night before our son's birthday and I was staying up late to make him the Jello cake he asked for. In the middle of one of many nerve racking sequences (playing in the dark) I went to pause the game to check on the cake only to stand up straight into a solid object not there two seconds before. I screamed loud enough the neighbors heard me…and my son, who is the object I walked into, laughed for the next week.-Meli Mock

The first time I played Kingdom Hearts II, I went on a binge. Because I was so into the game, I forgot to save as often as I should have. My mom came into my room and asked me to take out the trash. I left the PS2 running and went downstairs. When I came back, the TV and the system were both shut off because my mom thought it was wasting electricity. It took me a few weeks to get over that shock and back to where I had been in the game. This time I saved every possible chance I could get. My brother wanted to play on the PS2, so I let him. The next day I discovered that he had deleted my Kingdom Hearts II file in order to make room for his Tony Hawk file. I went ballistic and tore up his football jersey so he could "feel what it was like to have everything you've ever worked towards destroyed." A few weeks later after my parents stopped grounding me, I tried to play Kingdom Hearts II again. This time, I got very close to the end. I made the ill-informed choice to play during a thunderstorm. As I was saving, the power went out. Because of this, the entire save file was corrupted. I still have not beaten Kingdom Hearts II because I believe that God clearly doesn't want me to.-Anonymous