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I suspect that the guy two issues ago that watched every episode of Dragonball Z in a month and a half may be my boyfriend.-A white mage

My parents got divorced when I was six. It was the same year that the Nintendo 64 was released. Without knowing, they both bought me an N64 to keep at their houses. I'm guessing it was to buy my brother and I's love. For the next three years I would get each of them to buy me the same games, so I'd be able to play them no matter where I was.-Mike

I have over 386 days played on 12 level 80+ characters on WoW. That's over 5% of my entire life.-Anonymous

The first time I ever got carded was when I asked to see a replica of the Master Sword in a knife store.-fENRIS

My brother and I first played the original Final Fantasy on NES by renting it. We weren't allowed to play videogames during the school week. Every weekend we'd go to the videostore and re-rent Final Fantasy. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy only has one save slot. Any time someone else rented it they'd delete our game. We rented it every weekend, without fail, for months and started over every time. It wasn't until the video store was going out of business that we finally got to buy the game and finish it.-Le Dork

I went to my senior prom in my Eleventh Doctor cosplay. No one noticed.-Issy

My girlfriend thinks I have a second job. I really just go to the library to play Minecraft behind her back.-Chad

My husband and I got married in 2009. Though most of the older generation didn't know it, we had a Red vs. Blue wedding. My husband's suit had a light blue tie and vest, his best man had orange, and the other groomsmen had purple, red and teal. I made my bridesmaid's match the groomsmen color for their dresses. Our cake had vines going up the top that ended in a rose of each color of character, and the groomsmen's gifts were Halo figurines colored appropriately. The only blatant Halo reference was our custom cake topper: the two of us as Tex and Church, equipped with a shotty and a sniper rifle. In his wedding vows to me, my husband said I had "40-man raided his heart."-Anonymous