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I was playing Minecraft one day and I encountered a creeper in one of my unfinished constructions; I managed to climb to a higher level moments after it made the fuse lighting sound and I promptly forgot about it. When the sun was going down and I headed downstairs, the creeper was just waiting around the corner and exploded without making any other sound. I was wearing headphones at near full volume and was so startled I had an adrenaline rush. My kidneys, head and stomach hurt for the rest of the day and I had to lie down for an hour after the encounter.-Anonymous

A horror story of true nerd rage. I was 13 and me and all of my friends were eating lunch, talking about playing Final Fantasy 7 for the first time. It had been around for about a month or two and one friend of mine had done a marathon session playing it all the way through in one weekend while I preferred to sip it like a fine wine. As we all sat around talking about our favorite characters, I was going on about how much I liked Aeris, to which my friend replies, "Oh did you get to the point where she dies yet?". I freaked out and furiously stomped on his foot while in boots, breaking four of his toes. -Wolfan

I used to play the hell out of Morrowind for the Xbox since my wife took over playing Final Fantasy Online which was meant for me. Anyway, one day while walking to a corner store in Houston I heard a shrill screech from out of nowhere that sounded like a Cliff Racer. I hurriedly looked above me while my right hand went to my left as if I was carrying a sword, but of course nothing was there. To make this story even more peculiar I always played a female Breton Mage that relied more on magic than a weapon and I'm a dude.-Anonymous

I was playing Guilty Gear on my PS2, trying to beat Gold Dizzy on Mission 10. After a been defeated a bunch of times, I was actually winning for a change when my mom entered my room and started complaining about something I forgot to do and then left. She distracted so hard that I manage to lose the battle. I cursed Dizzy in a furious rage but it was so loud that my mom heard and thought I was talking to her. I was grounded for a month without my PS2.-Bozo

When I was 18, I played "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream", a PC game based on a really scary story by Harlan Ellison. The game had a lot of creepy elements- cannibalism, rape, animal torture, suicide, the Holocaust, etc., and you had to make (questionable) moral choices for the five characters. There was also a computer called AM who taunted and tormented the characters. The dialogue was all voice, which made it even worse. Needless to say, I had nightmares. This was the first time I had nightmares after a videogame. To top off this whole story, I got to interview Harlan Ellison for a book review. I was nervous about talking to my literary idol in the first place, but what made it really scary was that he had voiced AM, the evil computer, and when I talked on the phone with H.E., all I could think about was AM. Of course, more nightmares.-Anonymous

My stepsister and I play Minecraft. Recently, I told her about the fake NPC, Herobrine. She laughed at it at first, but she became more and more daunt of "Him". When I realized that, I decided to play a little trick on her. Using the skin editor, I created a Herobrine-looking outfit and went onto a server with her. When she saw me, she logged out, fast-walked out of my room, and shut her door. I found her cuddled in her bed with all the lights on soon after. She says she had trouble going to sleep that night, and she didn't play for another week, even after I told her the truth. -Anonymous