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Most people don't know this, but my local ice cream shop makes ice cream cakes with pictures of Link on top. Most people don't know this because as soon as they finish making them, I buy them. In fact, I have the schedule of the guy who designs those particular cakes on my Blackberry. I don't want my cakes getting scooped by some fake nerd. One day, I went in to get the cake and some girl was trying to do it instead of Greg. Greg was the guy that usually made the cakes. I later became friends with him. The girl had the color scheme wrong to a disgusting extent. Her Master Sword was black. I got mad and asked her, Annabel, where Greg went. She said, "I don't know, I think he quit." I got so upset I ate the whole cake that night and haven't gone back since.-Bailey

My cousin got married a month ago. He and his wife are both avid gamers. At the reception, they didn't do a first dance. Instead, they set up a projector and PS3, and played a custom level of LittleBigPlanet 2. It was made by the best man for the occasion. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new standard for nerd weddings.-Dan

When I started at my current job, I was told that I had to provide my own hard hat. I bought one at a local workwear place. It happened to be blue. That was the only color they had left of the cheap ones. I thought it looked boring, so I stuck a "Blue Sun" decal on the front. My co-workers (who are geek-impaired), assumed that it was the logo of my former employer. I never corrected them, and stuck a similar decal on my clipboard. As far as anyone at work knows, I am a proud former employee of the Blue Sun Corporation. Shiny.-NytCrawlr

I have a tattoo of R2D2 on the back of my arm. I met a girl at a bar earlier and started talking to her, bought her a drink, "spit my game," whatever. A little while later, she told me straight up that I was not the droid she was looking for and walked away.-Anonymous

When my husband proposed to me, I thought it wasn't fair for me to get a ring and him not get anything. I gave him a PS3 and MGS4 in return. Now it's known as the "engagement PS3."-Anonymous

My friend and I go get comic books every Wednesday and then we go back to his house to chill. When we get there he lets me play his Gamecube while he takes a dump. We've done this for two months. I've beaten Luigi's Mansion from start to finish by exclusively playing it while he was on the toilet.-Tom

It took me a month and a half to finish the entire Dragon Ball series. That's 276 episodes, 5520 minutes or 92 hours of Dragonball. And that's not even counting the movies.-A Super Sayin

Last month my highschool robotics team went to the robotics world championships. My mom gave money for five days of food. I instead used that money to buy Pokemon White in an airport terminal with insane prices. I had around $5 left so I spent the week carefully deciding which products in the hotel vending machine would keep me from starving. I bought the junk with the most calories and still ended up losing 5 lbs. A double win: Pokemon and weight-loss.-Anonymous