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Fun Pwn My Life Fact:Most of you cried when Ash tried to release Pikachu back into the wild on the Pokemon cartoon. It was the only time many of you have ever cried, and many of you cry every time you watch it.

My wife and I had a son on June 6. The last day in the hospital I was texting a friend, jokingly, about seeing if my son Roddrick wanted to join our Minecraft server. When I logged into Minecraft a few days later, I noticed a new chest in my house with a sign reading "Roddrick's Starter Kit". My friend put full stacks of various items and materials in a single block chest for my son and I. Hands down, one of the best gifts ever. Thanks, Two-Hand.-Andrew

One of my best friends got me manga for my 18th birthday. I have never read any manga, ever. He was so sure I did because apparently I look like someone that reads manga.-Will

When I was 12, I first experienced Chrono Trigger. I wanted nothing more than to own it. I only knew two people that had it. One of them wouldn't dare part with it. The other was open to bargaining. I offered him Final Fantasy 6, Street Fighter 2, Mega Man X, Aero the Acro-Bat, Populous and Super Mario World. It was my entire SNES collection. He accepted the trade. One week later, I was in the middle of battling Lavos. The doorbell rang. He showed up with all my games, and his mom demanding Chrono Trigger back. I had to turn the game off in the middle of the last stage of Lavos.-EddieB

My brother had questioned why I bought the strategy guide for Fallout: New Vegas because I'm against using guides. I told him I'd changed my mind. I didn't want to be called an even bigger geek for the truth. I'd bought the book as a stat reference guide for a Fallout pen and paper RPG I'm making.-Anonymous

I went to a friend's house when I first bought Luigi's Mansion. I locked myself in his room to beat the game. Nine hours later, I opened the door, walked into the living room, and proclaimed to his family, "I just saved my brother from a haunted mansion with a vacuum. What did you losers do today?" They just looked at me.-Swirlyglasses

I used to play WoW constantly. I started playing a female night elf druid on a role playing server out of boredom and curiosity. While fully role playing as a girl, I met and started talking to a dwarf. After a week of questing and leveling together, he kneeled down next to me and started talking about all the good times we'd had together. I got so nervous he was going to propose to me that I signed off and started avoiding him. To this day, he doesn't know that I was a guy. I have since quit playing. I still have a soft spot in my heart for this stranger, despite not being gay.-Anonymous

My roommate painted my storage cube to look like a companion cube. In return, I made her a Rubik's companion cube.-Corey