1. Wii

    Hey Xbox!

  2. Xbox 360

    Hey Wii.

  3. Wii

    What's up?

  4. Xbox 360

    Just pwning some noobs at Call of Duty 4.

  5. Wii

    Nice, nice. Sounds fun. Hey, wanna play some tennis?

  6. Xbox 360

    Uh, not right now.

  7. Wii

    What about some golf?

  8. Xbox 360


  9. Wii


  10. Xbox 360

    Look Wii, I'll be honest. I'm just not into motion sensor games. It has nothing to do with you, it's just not my style.

  11. Wii

    Oh… well, ok.

  12. Kinect

    Hey guys!

  13. Xbox 360

    Oh great.

  14. Wii

    Woah! What the hell is this?

  15. Xbox 360

    It's not what it looks like.

  16. Wii

    Well it LOOKS like a f*cking motion sensor device for Xbox 360!

  17. Xbox 360

    Oh. Then I guess it is what it looks like.

  18. Wii

    Wow Xbox, wow.

  19. Xbox 360

    Oh come on, don't be like that.

  20. Wii

    I can't believe this. "Not your style" huh?

  21. Xbox 360

    You don't understand…

  22. Wii

    You know, I'd expect this kind of behavior from a PS3. But not you, man.

  23. Xbox 360

    That hurts.

  24. Wii

    You know what, see if I ever invite you to any of my parties again.

  25. Wii storms off.

  26. Xbox 360

    Wii, come on man… he's gone.

  27. Kinect

    Wanna dance?

  28. Xbox 360