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Back when I was in High School in 2001, I played Diablo II on battle.net all the time. I didn't have my own computer, and we still had dial-up at the time. Since my dad was adverse to extended online play, I had to install it in a random folder, play in the middle of the night, and hide any evidence of it's use. One night, I was playing until 5 AM, just before my dad woke up to get ready for work. I don't remember doing it, but I fell asleep on the couch next to the computer. I awoke to furious yelling about me using the computer, sneaking around, and being on the Internet all night. He then proceeded to shatter the game CD in front of me. It wasn't until later that I discovered at a friend's house that he also deleted all the characters from the account as well. I had several level 80+ guys too. It was devastating. -Rob

I was a huge Bill Nye the Science Guy fan. When his computer game came out, I bought it and played it. However, I did not count on there being a sentient computer in the game. MAAX, the computer in charge of stopping the meteoroid, scared the shit out of me. MAAX claimed that he would not destroy the meteoroid unless you solved some science riddles. I took this way too seriously. I was afraid that if I messed up, Earth would be destroyed. The anxiety of saving earth combined with my fear of this sentient computer prevented me from beating the game. I had nightmares for a month.-Anonymous

I let my (now ex-) boyfriend borrow my DS, but I wouldn't let him take it without the case, which had all my games in it. Upon returning the DS, I inquired where the case was, he had left it at the auto repair shop. We went back to ask about it and look around, but it had been stolen. I had the first Harvest Moon for gameboy which I had completed 6 long years and was doing very well, LoZ: The Minish Cap (my favorite handheld Zelda) which I had fused ALL the kinstones, and one other Mario game that I wasn't very good at. We broke up not too long after that and he never paid me for the games or the case. I really miss that Harvest Moon.-Danon

When I was younger, I played a lot of Final Fantasy 7. I had all the best materia, I had bred the gold Chocobo, I had kick-ass weapons, and lots and lots of money. I was preparing myself and building my characters up to do battle with Sephiroth in the crater. I was almost ready, all I had to do next was get Cloud's Omnislash limit break, and I was good to go. But then my younger brother asked for my help breeding the gold Chocobo. Being the good brother that I am (or was, anyway), I happily obliged, and told him the best place to farm money, the best place to buy food for your Chocobos, and even did a few of the races for him. Satisfied that he was ready to undertake the challenge on his own, I decided to save his game so that he would already have a few races done. Out of habit, I saved over my own file. I was so frustrated with my loss that I never played it again. I still have no idea how the game ends. It is my greatest shame.-Nate

My ex was never interested when I would play video games, unless it was Dead Space, because I would make funny faces and whimper whenever I would walk around corners or whenever an enemy made a scary appearance.-Trevor

When I was little I had TMNT for the NES. That game was hard. So I finally got to the second to last stage and I was finishing it, with 3 turtles left and my mom calls me to lunch. I tell her to hold on and she says no. I had to eat NOW. I tried to pause it but there was a long cutscene where the turtles get on a blimp so I couldn't. When I was at the Technodrome, I paused the game and went to eat. My mom said for taking to long i was punished and couln't play anymore. She shuts off the NES and I never ever got that far again. -Juan