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I am the wimpiest gamer in existence. A few years back I was playing Wind Waker when I came across a room that freaked me out. After an hour, my mother came downstairs to see where all the pathetic whimpering was coming from. She found me in the bathroom, shaking from fear and bracing myself to vomit. That's right. I almost puked from getting huge adrenaline rushes. Darknuts are scary. -Stacie

When I was in 4th or 5th grade, my brother and I played the "Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Tale of Orpheo's Curse" on my grandfather's computer. I was convinced that Orpheo escaped from the game and was haunting the downstairs of my grandfather's house. I wouldn't go downstairs by myself until about the 8th grade.-Whitney

To this day I am scared of the dark because I'm afraid a Grue will get me.-Daniella

When I got Harvest Moon 64 back in 5th grade, I was hooked. However, I was only allowed to play an hour of video games each day during the weekend and none on weekdays. So every weekend I hauled ass in the game trying to complete the bottomless list of tasks within my allotted hour. So after about a year a playing it, I finally get to the point in the game where your Dad comes in to town to evaluate you (The unofficial ending to the game). I had a pretty good file too (won all the races, all power apples, all recipes, etc). Well the weather in the game called for a hurricane the day Dad was supposed to show. Sure enough, a hurricane arrived and I wasn't allowed to leave my house where right on the other side of the door, Dad was waiting. Restarting the day didn't get rid of the hurricane either. So I had to advance to the next day and Dad wasn't there. I was speechless. A year's worth of gaming wasted. I never touched the game again.-Moose

Okay, so last year I finally managed to get my mates keenly interested in Dungeons and Dragons, and started to Dungeon Master games. For this, of course, it is always good to have miniatures, so I went on a hunt. I went to my favourite place in town, the comic book shop, and asked them where I could find the figures. I was guided through the shop through a secret corridor… Okay it was the staff corridor, but it felt secret. This lead me to the game room. Now I had never seen anything quite like this, I mean, I'd seen game rooms, but this was one up. The smell was overwhelming, of b.o. and what I could only hope was halitosis, of course like any decent game room it had energy supplements for keen player, boost bars and red bull only. The air was so oily you could feel it. I'm a nerd, I face that, in fact I enjoy it, but this was more than nerd, this was concentrated and distilled off nerd.

So I got into a conversation with the guy at the till about the miniatures and selected the ones I want to get, the issue was that Dungeons and Dragons is an interesting topic, so I ended up talking to the guy for about half an hour. Nearing the end of the conversation I asked him "So what do you consider is the best edition of D&D?" and he responded how he was quite interested in the 4th ed. At this point, a boy happily in the middle of his game turned around, sweat beading from every visible part of skin, boost bar in hand and his hair so matted from grease it looked like it was only one single thick strand and he said in an extremely raspy voice "My favourite edition is edition 3.5"

I was scared by this point, the look of this kid, I had a fear that if I remained here for too long I'd end up turning into one of them, so I got out of there. I've been playing D&D for a while longer now, and I'd be quite interested in playing with the guys up there, and as intimidating as the guy looked, I'm pretty sure he's right that 3.5 is the best edition of D&D.-Dominic