1. Gary

    Okay Ash. This is it. I'm finally going to defeat you in a pokemon battle!

  2. Ash

    I doubt it.

  3. Gary

    No, seriously. I've been training each pokemon in my line-up tirelessly, night and day just for this.

  4. Ash

    You wasted your time.

  5. Gary

    I don't think so! I finally have the perfect line-up!

  6. Ash

    Let's do it then.

  7. Gary

    Okay. Go Squirtle!

  8. Ash

    Go Charizard!

  9. Gary

    Whoa, whoa wait a second… how the hell do you already have a Charizard?

  10. Ash


  11. Gary

    I thought we were supposed to be evenly matched every time we faced each other.

  12. Ash

    Yeah, well, you see I've only been using my starter pokemon in every battle. That way he leveled up a lot faster, and now he's stronger than every other pokemon I face.

  13. Gary

    But that's… that's actually a really good strategy.

  14. Ash

    I know.

  15. Gary

    Like really, that's crazy that no one ever thought of that before. It saves so much time and frustration.

  16. Ash

    That's what I've been saying.

  17. Gary

    I can't believe… No! I refuse to admit you're right.

  18. Ash

    But I am.

  19. Gary

    No! All I have to do is make your Charizard faint, and you'll have no more pokemon to battle with! It's perfect! Haha!

  20. Ash

    Good luck with that.

  21. Gary

    Go Squirtle! Attack!

  22. Charizard blasts through Gary's entire line-up one by one, making them all faint in one shot.

  23. Ash

    You almost had me that time.

  24. Gary

    I hate you.