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A year or two before Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, my TV and Xbox 360 hard drive broke simultaneously in one awful sound and static flash of light. I lost all my data, and was really angry, but that's a different story. When Arkham Asylum came out I played it nonstop. When I got to the part where your screen goes all static I thought it happened again, and screamed and cried. A minute later, I realized the static was part of the game. I was in an Xbox Live party with my friends. They heard everything.-Silas

I lent my PSX to my cousin. When I went to his house to retrieve it, he told me that he had sold it. I miss Crash Bandicoot.-Murilo

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, Gauntlet had just been released for the NES. My mom rented it for me for the weekend and I was up late playing one night and paused the game to go get something to drink. Now I don't know if this was some sort of glitch or whatever but when I came back into the living room the game was unpaused and the screen was flashing different colors while my Wizard slowly turned in circles and the audio sounded like a slow demonic growl. I swear to God I didn't touch that game for another 5 years at least and I still freak out thinking about it.-Warmachine915

On my first play through Pokemon Red I saved the President and in exchange he gave me some sort of pokeball. I grabbed and didn't think of it again. When working my way out of the maze I found a Rare Candy. Seeing that I had about 4 different types of pokeballs, I got rid of the the one I had just gained. Many saves later, I asked my friends how they caught Mewtwo, and they told me that they just used the Master Ball. They described it to me and at that moment my jaw dropped realizing I had thrown it away. -JordIsBored

When I was about seven or eight, my mother used to play Everquest religiously. So, obviously, my brother and I used to play as well. One day I was riding the boat, and I fell off. I screamed, cried, and ended up drowning while a shark attacked me. To this day, I am absolutely TERRIFIED of in-game water, in any game, regardless of how harmless it is. -Manda

When I was young, I loved playing the Simpsons Arcade game at our mall arcade until it was shut down. I wasn't good at games at that age, 9ish, but a year later the game showed up for our County Fair and I needed to make it to the end. I wanted to win, but I was afraid of the scary looking/tough bosses, so I gave quarters to random people to play with me to the end. I spent over $30.-T.B.

One night I decided to watch my friend play F.E.A.R. on his PC. The game was getting really intense and whenever something creepy would happen I would laugh and show I was a tough guy by not being creeped out. Well, at the time I was a night janitor for a high school and one night, while doing my duties, my mp3 player turned off in the middle of a song forcing me to take off my headphones and work in silence. I looked down the empty hallway where I had to wheel my cart and all of a sudden, one of the lights down the hall started to flicker until it turned off. I laughed a hesitant laugh and continued toward the bathrooms in the middle of the hall. I went to the bathroom door, which was already slightly opened, and at the touch of my fingers to the handle, it slammed the rest of the way shut making a loud noise echo throughout the hallway. After yelling and running back to front of the school, I turned off the lights and vowed never to clean the place by myself, ever again. I had to make up a story to my girlfriend so she could help me clean the school from then on out.-Ian

Last summer my friends and I went down to my beach house for a week, while we were there I showed them Fable 3 they all decided it was a crap game and I agreed with them, however what made all the hours of playing this horrible game seem worth it was the "Invasion" that everyone kept alluding to throughout the game. Now having been the "good guy" I was around 6,000,000 dollars in dept and the calculated casualties of the invasion were around the 20,000,000. We decided we were going to do everything we could to earn 26,000,000 gold in order to save everyone. So we spent hours working menial jobs trying to earn cash, buying and renting houses, it took nearly 2 straight days of playing to finally get all the money, what happens when I finally have the money needed to save all the people? I accidentally talk to the butler or whoever and next thing I know, it goes from 100 days til the invasion to 0 days to the invasion, with everyone dying and me being forever known as the king who let Albion perish. I hate Fable 3…SO MUCH!-Anonymous