1. Trainer

    Hey! You! I challenge you to a pokemon battle!

  2. Ash

    Ugh, really? Again?

  3. Trainer

    I choose you, Oddish!

  4. Ash

    Alright fine. Go Charizard.

  5. Trainer

    Um, holy sh*t is that a dragon?

  6. Ash

    It's a Charizard.

  7. Trainer

    That looks like a f**king dragon.

  8. Ash

    It's a level 55 Charizard. It's a pokemon.

  9. Trainer

    Level 55? Are you kidding?

  10. Ash


  11. Trainer

    I threw out a level 20 radish, and you think it's necessary to throw out a level 55 fire-breathing dragon?

  12. Ash

    I have to be the very best!

  13. Trainer

    That's not going to make my Oddish faint, it's going to incinerate him.

  14. Ash

    Then why did you challenge me?

  15. Trainer

    Uh, because you were in my line of sight. I had to.

  16. Ash

    That doesn't make sense.

  17. Trainer

    Look I don't make the rules, just please pick a different pokemon.

  18. Ash

    Fine. Charizard return! Go Zapdos!

  19. Trainer

    …Fuck this.