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When I was 10, I tried to clone an Aerodactyl on Pokemon Blue using the trading method. On the other end of the trade was a "sacrifice Hypno" to be replaced by the clone. The trade went wrong, and the Aerodactyl died in the link cable. I ended up with two Hypnos.-Anonymous

About an hour into playing Ocarina of Time, my brother sunk up behind me with a ventriloquist dummy. I was so scared that I dropped the controller and huddled in a corner. It wasn't until 6 months laterthat I got the nerve to play Zelda again. I'm still terrified of dummies.-John

So, I was the weird kid in grade school. All of the girls in my elementary classes were bitches, so I hung out with the guys. As a result, I got into Pokemon, other video games, and trading card games. Being a girl who liked boy stuff marked me permanently as 'that weird girl.' In 3rd Grade, the guys in my class decided it would be a good idea to take my hand and force it across the chalkboard, making me scratch it. They did this a lot, and it sent me into fits. To this day I can't even think about my hand coming into contact with a chalkboard without having a phobic freak out.-Hallie

The first time I played MGS2: Sons of Liberty, I was alone playing the scene where Raiden gets captured and runs around naked. Once the Colonel started to glitch out I was so scared that when he told me to turn off the game system, I actually did. I didn't play the game again until my friend at school told me it was supposed to happen. I was a freshman in high school. -Mark

Recently I purchased Final Fantasy 3 for my ipod touch and powered through the game only to find the final boss to be particularly difficult (I got pwned three times), so I set about power levelling my characters.The training took two straight days but the end was in sight, my final character was at level 96 but I was determined to go all the way to 99. Foolishly I was watching T.V whilst playing and accidentely tapped the wrong command and killed myself. I hadn't saved since my characters were level 50. This is the only game to have ever made me cry.-Sam

Not long after I got Wario Land, I started having nightmares about a certain enemy in the game, the Pouncer (like a Thwomp but covered with spikes). I kept dreaming my basement, where my room was, had been turned into a level from the game and they were chasing me around trying to crush/impale me. For about a year after, I couldn't go into my basement without turning every light on and checking every room, and secretly slept with a night light.-Tim R.

My older brother and his best friend use to play Warcraft 2 together all the time together, but they only had 1 CD. I would have to wait for my brother to upload his game, then walk to his friends house with the CD and load it there. It wasn't that far of a walk, but it was back in the 56k modem days. One phone call and it would crash their game completely. So I would have to walk back and forth over and over again. -Willy

Me and my friend were insane over a game called Phantasy Star Online. Having a Game Shark, I searched for, and found, a cheat for max level. I instantly entered it in and started up the game only to find that the cheat failed and not only that, but the experience requirement for my next level jumped from a reasonable, yet difficult, level to an impossible level equatable to leveling up 10 times. I was then forced to watch my friend get to max level while I was forced to gain pointless experience for ever. To this day I refuse to use cheat codes.-Cheaters Never Level-up