1. Link

    Hi Mayor, you wanted to see me?

  2. Mayor

    Yes Link. I wanted to thank you for all your work by giving you the key to the city!

  3. Link

    Oh, thank you! But it won't be necessary. I can turn into a wolf and just, you know, dig into places.

  4. Mayor

    I…see. Well, please accept these rupees!

  5. Link

    No, that's fine. I just break things for money.

  6. Mayor

    That's your job?

  7. Link

    Or killing things.

  8. Mayor

    That's…is there anything you want?

  9. Link

    Maybe some Poe souls?

  10. Mayor


  11. Link

    Yeah, just like, some souls of haunted wandering ghosts. Those are what I want.

  12. Mayor

    …Do…do you need them?

  13. Link

    It's more for completion's sake that I must gather the souls of ghosts.

  14. Mayor

    I see…is there anything…less terrifying we could give you?

  15. Link

    Well yeah. Do you have any pieces of heart? I could use those.

  16. Mayor


  17. Link

    Yeah, they heal me.

  18. Mayor

    You get your health from…fragmented organs?

  19. Link

    Or full ones. You know, if I'm lucky. Just a big ol' heart after I slay a very mighty monster.

  20. Mayor

    …And you just take their hearts…

  21. Link

    Huh, never thought of it like that. Yeah, I guess I do that then. Take the hearts of the giant bosses I kill for health. I also used captured fairies.

  22. Mayor


  23. Link


  24. Mayor

    You use kidnapped fairies for health?

  25. Link

    Yup. Or fairy tears, if I'm lucky.

  26. Mayor

    That sounds really evil.