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When Mario Kart 64 came out I was 12 and my parents told me if I could pay half the cost of the game they would pay the rest. As a 12-year-old, it took me 2 months of doing odd jobs around the house to earn the money. On the way back from the store, with my new purchase in hand, I noticed that none of the houses on my street had any lights on. Turns out we had just lost power. I spent the rest of the night reading the instruction manual by candle light.-B Licious

Back when I was 5 or 6 years old, my sister got a Sega Genesis with Sonic 2. I used to play that game every once in a while, but then my sister decided that she didn't want me playing her game, so she told me that if I died in the game, I'd die in real life. Fast forward to the present day and those games still creep me out.-Bryan

My older brother and his best friend were taking turns playing the NES Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles game, you know, the ridiculously hard one? I was watching because at four years old, you barely have motor skills enough not to fall over half the time. I stretched, and my foot hit the power button on the system. The game turned off, they were at the Technodrome. My brother is now 28, I'm 25 and a gamer myself. To this day, he still hasn't beaten the game and neither of us have forgiven me yet.-Erin

When Final Fantasy 7 just came out on the PC, I bought it with my father. I found out later that my PC wasn't good enough to handle the graphic on FF7. So as a short term solution, I went to my friends house to play it. After installing it and playing it for an hour or so, I had to go back home but it started to rain. I ran in the rain as fast as I could but then the disks flew out of the sleeve and it shattered. Never cried so hard in my life.-Jack

I've had the same reoccurring nightmare since I was ten years old, back when Animorphs had just gotten really popular. People that have had a yeerk put in their brain are chasing my family and picking them off one by one, until finally I'm the last person on Earth left that isn't infected. I wake up in a cold sweat every time. -Jamie

One summer, my friends and I spent almost an entire month playing a 3-player JRPG on 360. We had played for easily 70+ hours when my friend asked me to pass him his drink. When I turned my office chair to pass it to him, my foot knocked over the 360, seriously destroying the disc. We had to go to three different blockbusters before we found it an hour away because no game stores stocked it and we needed it too soon to order online. When we got it, I wasn't allowed within three feet of the 360.-Sean J.

One of the little kids I babysat was addicted to Donkey Kong Country for the SNES, so we would play it constantly in his room. One night, at bedtime, I told him to turn off the game so he could go to bed. He did, and after tucking him in, I went back out to the living room. About half an hour later I hear him scream, so I go running into his room. He's cowering in the corner pointing at the TV, screaming that the Kremlings were coming to get him. I tried to tell him he merely had a nightmare… then I turned and looked at the TV and saw strange colors swirling on the TV. I figured something was wrong with it, so I unplugged it from the wall. That didn't help, it still had this faint glowing and moving color. The poor kid was terrified and refused to sleep in his room, so I had to let him come sleep out on the couch. When his mom came home and wondered why he was on the couch, I told her what happened. She explains that apparently it had something to do with the age of the TV and the TV tube having a leftover charge. So, no big deal right? Nu-uh. He refused to play Donkey Kong after that for months, as he was convinced it was the Kremlings. -Tilas