Any game worth playing takes many hours out of your life, and after investing all that time, you want to feel rewarded. The most satisfying reward is a happy ending for your character, but some brassy-balled developers have figured out ways to depress the player without disappointing them. Here are the ten most depressing endings to videogames.

10. Sonic Adventure 2

At the climax of the Dreamcast classic-via-nostalgia-but-not-when-you-actually-play-it-again Sonic Adventure 2, the dark hedgehog Shadow falls to earth from space, sacrificing himself to save the world. I feel obligated to include this on the list, as killing a main character does qualify as a sad ending, but I would never put it any higher than this â€" if you're at all like me, the less Sonic characters there are from after 1994, the better. I just remembered Big the Cat exists, and it nearly ruined my day.

9. Jurassic Park â€" Genesis (As Raptor)

Much like Aladdin, the Genesis and SNES versions of Jurassic Park were vastly different. And, like Aladdin, the Genesis version is much better, especially because you can play through the entire game as a villainous raptor. However, victory for the raptor isn't necessarily victory for humankind; if you win, you end up killing Dr. Grant and sneaking to the mainland in a crate. On the flip side, if that raptor somehow ends up preventing Jurassic Park IV from being made, it may a happy ending after all.