1. Scorpion

    …So I told her, "get over here!"

  2. Raiden

    Classic Scorpion…did she get over there?

  3. Scorpion


  4. Raiden

    Maybe you should stop yelling it like a murderer.

  5. Sub-Zero

    Scorpion! I have come to slay you!

  6. Scorpion

    Impossible! I have already slain you!

  7. Raiden

    …Don't you guys, like, kill each other all the time?

  8. Sub-Zero

    No. I am Sub-Zero's brother. He killed the original Sub-Zero!

  9. Raiden

    When did this happen?

  10. Scorpion

    After he killed my family and clan!

  11. Raiden

    I…I don't remember that round. Of family murders.

  12. Noob Saibot

    I will slay you!

  13. Raiden

    …And you are-

  14. Noob Saibot

    Dead Sub-Zero!

  15. Raiden

    So…you're a different guy now.

  16. Noob Saibot


  17. Raiden

    Just checking. Heh. "Noob"…

  18. Sub-Zero

    Oh my brother! I must now become…Cyber Sub-Zero!

  19. Raiden


  20. Noob Saibot

    My brother!…I must kill you!

  21. Raiden

    What? No! What kind of plot is this?

  22. Cyber Sub-Zero

    Of course, different dead brother guy! You must fight me, your brother who is now you, and also a robot for some reason!

  23. Noob Saibot

    Yes! We as brothers should fight to the death! Robot!

  24. Raiden

    Okay, this is nuts. I thought Scorpion was involved or something?

  25. Cyber Sub-Zero

    Robot robot robot!

  26. Raiden

    You're a robot, not a poke'mon. Look, I…I thought we just punched each other and there was only the vaguest background plot. Like Street Fighter-

  27. Kratos

    Never mention that game!

  28. Raiden

  29. Kratos

    Uh-oh. God rivalry!

  30. Raiden

    I hate you guys.