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Freshman year of High School my friends and I got super into WoW. I was a warlock. My friends and I would joke around by doing imitations of my voidwalker. While it was funny at first it really got to me. So much so that after a while I started to have nightmares about a voidwalker chasing me. To top it all off, I thought I saw a voidwalker in my room one night and punched this hallucination, which in reality was the shadow of my night stand. My dad made me pay for the damages to the wall and fix it myself using dry wall and a paint brush. -Tyler

My brother and his friend were playing a game on the old Sega Master System, which had a toggle button on the front to turn it off and on. While they were playing, I accidentally hit the power button down, but hadn't released it yet which kept it from turning off. My brother made me sit there holding the button down until they were done playing hours later.-Ivan P.

My dad has always been a bit of a casual gamer. He was unusually fond of Star Fox. So when I got a PS2, my dad was a little disappointed when he found out there was no Star Fox for it. Back when the PS2 was thriving in all it's glory, I had quite the collection. Then I went away to my mom's for the summer. During that time, my father decided he should trade in my system with all my games for a Gamecube so he could play Star Fox Adventures. I never cried so much in my life.-Sonny C.

One night, I had decided to let my roommate borrow my PS3 to play while I went to stay the night at a friend's house and hang out. When I came home the next day, I booted up said console to discover all of my save data was gone. ALL OF IT. Games I had completed and had everything unlocked…you get the idea. And a few trophies I had earned that I had forgotten to sync up to the PSN were deleted as well. My roommate explained to me that apparently last night, there was a power outage, and the system was forced to shut down while he was in the middle of saving. Strangely, all of my install data, DLC, and downloaded games were still intact. This catastrophe is what I refer to as "The Purge."-Anonymous

I can't play any of the Silent Hill games unless my TV's on mute and every light in my apartment is on. I'm 21 years old. -Destynee

A friend of mine and I were playing Maple Story back in the day. We both paid for these boat tickets to get to a certain island in the world. Once we got there we realized we were too low level to actually kill anything to gain levels, items, and money. We both bought our ticket back with all our leftover money, but on the trip back my friend left the room while riding on the outside of the boat. He came back to see some flying demon monster had killed him and the game sent him back to the island. So, after days of questing with stronger players, he had enough money to buy a ticket back. But while on the boat this time, his brother logged him off and sent him back to the island again. He was reduced to begging for money for days.-Drew