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Because the Playstation Network has been down these last couple days, I managed to write my thesis paper, study, do well on my exams and get back my girlfriend. Otherwise I would have played Black Ops.-Crispy

Shortly after I joined the Army, my unit was doing land navigation. It involves finding plotted points on foot with a compass, a map and a protractor. It isn't extremely difficult, but most people find it challenging the first time. I finished the course way ahead of the rest of my squad and got all of my points. They were impressed and asked me if I used to be an Eagle Scout or something. I told them that I had actually learned how to keep myself oriented by playing hours upon hours of Zelda. I immediately lost their respect.-Patrick

Growing up, my great aunt was a religious nut. When I was 6, she gave me $20 and told me to buy something to put in my room to remind me of my lord and savior. I bought a poster of Goku.-Kieran

My road test was on April 1. I didn't have much access to a car, so I rarely got the chance to practice. To make up for it, I practiced driving by playing Grand Theft Auto 4 and obeying traffic rules as if I were driving in real life. I passed.-Anonymous

I hang out on Omegle and try to get people to let me make text-based RPGs for them to play.-Anonymous

I work at a major level-one trauma center in a big city. I'm a coronary ICU nurse. Any time a patient in the hospital "codes" (heart stops beating or stops breathing) it's announced on the loudspeaker and two nurses from my unit respond. We're trained in advanced resuscitation. Most nights in my unit it's slow, so we watch a lot of youtube videos. I recently showed all the nurses on my floor the Leeroy Jenkins video. Now every time a code is called the nurses respond yelling "Lets do this, LEEEEROY JENKINNNNS" while we race to respond. Recently, one of the ICU physicians was in our unit rounding on patients when a code was called. After hearing our battle cry he looked at us funny, then smiled and said, "At least I have chicken."-Nick

In Sixth Grade, I was the kid that always got hurt. I once tried to do a hyper attack from Street Fighter to one of my friends and slipped a disk.-Anonymous

And this week's "I'm pretty sure that makes you a furry" award goes to:I learned how to masturbate when I wrapped a blanket into a bodily form and was making out with it. I was pretending that it was Krystal from Star Fox.-Anonymous