As a rule of thumb, if a game was made in Japan, it's going to be at least a little weird. But some games go above and beyond when it comes to that legendary J-Factor, and as such I've compiled what I believe to be the 10 most insanely Japanese titles ever slapped on a videogame.

10. "Fly Mr. Science: Great Expedition of the Earth! Challenge the Mysterious and Strange Creatures"

Let's start this list off right. Fly Mr. Science is a game that takes the bridge of cultural understanding we share with Japan and carpet bombs it out of existence. The strangest thing about this game, however, isn't that the main character is an unlicensed scientist without skin, but the fact that it's based on an educational Japanese children's television show. This game is their SchoolHouse Rock, and that explains so much about so many things.

9. "Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosie Rupeeland"

One thing we do have in common with Japan is our love of sequels and spin-offs. But in the time it takes us to produce a single Call of Duty game, Square-Enix has already pooped out three new Dragon Quest games and an entire DS series about collectible kart-racing slime monsters. Nintendo's no exception, and while it may seem strange to make a game about everyone's least favorite Zelda character, it apparently sold well enough to produce a sequel called "Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip." Kooloo Limpah, Japan. Koolooh Limpah Indeed.

8. "Super Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix" a.k.a. All Japanese Fighting Game Sequels

The Street Fighter series isn't that bizarre. In fact, it makes more sense than any game on this list. You play as a fighter who is tasked with fighting, on streets. Capcom immediately realized this was going to be a problem with Japanese markets and quickly set out to obfuscate the fuck out of the series by releasing a massive chain attack of sequels, resulting in a string of words more random than the buttons needed to pull off an Ultra Dragon Punch.