1. Marine

    Okay, Zerglings and Mutalisks coming. With me, Siege tanks, and Missile Turrets? This should be pretty easy.

  2. Siege Tank

    Okay, I'll handle the Zerglings.

  3. Missile Turret

    And I'll handle the Mutalisks!

  4. Marine

    Cool! And I'll…I'll shoot at both.

  5. Siege Tank

    Great. Good deal.

  6. Marine

    Wait. Can't you guys also shoot at both?

  7. Siege Tank

    We can't.

  8. Missile Turret


  9. Marine

    Really? Cause…Cause I can. And I'm just a guy with a little gun. And you're super-ranged mechanical…expensive things really. You should really try to do both.

  10. Siege Tank

    Look, I don't know what to tell you…

  11. Marine

    You can hit a Zergling from a mile a way but you can't, I don't know, can't fire at a pack of Mutalisks?

  12. Seige Tank


  13. Marine

    Just angle up. Come on.

  14. Siege Tank

    Why don't you pick on hellions?

  15. Marine

    Come on dude. No one likes hellions.

  16. Hellions

  17. Marine

    They're like vultures, except not fun. And Missile Turrets, you shoot missiles. You can shoot them at the ground.

  18. Missile Turret

    No I can't.

  19. Marine

    Yes, you can. Listen, I'm doing everything around here! I shoot air, I shoot ground, oh and half the time you don't even bother to get me a combat-shield.

  20. Ghost

    It's money better spent on-

  21. Marine

    Don't even start me you non-lock-down-having bastard. And the reactor pumps us out two at a time which is awkward and oh yeah, awesome, thanks for the stim pack. It takes away a quarter of my life just to make me a murderous maniac for a short burst of time; come on, it's the 4 Loko of upgrades. So I think you can launch missiles at the ground, Missile Turret, okay!?

  22. Missile Turret

    I can't.

  23. Marine

    Oh yeah? Really?

  24. Missile Turret

    We spent all the extra tech time to give me speech capabilities instead.

  25. Marine

  26. Missile Turret

    Kill me now.